Project Moses promotes 10 Commandments

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Can you recite the Ten Commandments? All of them?

Like many Catholics, you prob­ably learned the Ten Command­ments in grade school or Sunday school, and a few might have slipped your mind since then. (It’s OK, we won’t tell your Sunday school teacher!)

If your memory isn’t quite what it used to be, help is on the way. A group in Kansas aims to give Catholics and other people of faith visual reminders of God’s law by installing granite monuments with the Commandments engraved on them in front of places of worship across the nation.

The initiative began in 2000, when the American Civil Liberties Union threatened a lawsuit unless a Kansas City courthouse removed a Ten Com­mandments monument from its lawn. In response, businessman John Menghini founded Project Moses with the goal of installing Ten Commandments monuments on the grounds of places of worship, religious schools and private properties throughout the country.

“Project Moses was founded to promote a clear understanding and strong adherence to the Ten Commandments and to assist all people in embracing the essential duties of living a life of truth, charity and justice,” the group’s website says.

‘Good for the community’

The first Project Moses monument in the archdiocese — a five-foot-tall, black granite tablet — was installed at St. Francis Xavier in Buffalo. A second one will be installed this April at St. Mary in St. Paul. Both were funded by donor drives organized by the Knights of Columbus.

Why get involved in Project Moses?

“It’s good for the community and it’s promotion of the Catholic faith. That’s what the Knights are all about,” said Ron Burg, past Grand Knight and a trustee for Knights of Columbus Council 397, which sponsored the donor drive at St. Mary.

The monuments, available in English or Spanish, feature the Ten Commandments on one side in the St. Augustine, King James or Jewish numbering traditions and the Beatitudes or some other passage from the congregation or group’s faith tradition on the other side.

The 64-inch-tall, hand-engraved monuments come in four colors: black, white, rose and tan. The cost is $5,000 plus $400 to $500 shipping and handling. Miniature, 16-inch monuments also are available for $250.

Individuals who donate $50 or more toward a large monument will receive a marble plaque featuring the Ten Commandments or the Beatitudes for their homes.

A portion of the proceeds from the monuments will go toward creating a national memorial to Moses and the Ten Commandments on a 6.5-acre site in Washington, D.C. The group’s plan is to erect an 18- to 24-foot bronze statue of Moses holding the Ten Commandments tablets at the site.

Want to know more?

» For information about obtaining a monument for your parish, call Ron Burg at (651) 341-9642 or e-mail him at .

» The Project Moses website is .

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