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Don’t withhold sacraments

I am crying for my Catholic brothers and sisters in the Springfield, Illinois, diocese (“Bishop prohibits Catholics in same-sex unions from receiving Communion,” July 13). Where is Christ when you need him? Are the rest of us so perfect that we take for granted these outward signs of God’s grace, while condemning other people created in God’s same image, and bar them from those gifts?

Find Jesus’ words condemning people who love each other; find the passages where Jesus doesn’t embrace “the other.” Are we to believe that every person before same-sex unions who experienced the holy Eucharist, or an anointing with holy oils or a Catholic funeral, had been free of all sin? It is no wonder that our Church is in such turmoil. God has given the greatest of all gifts to us: love. And he has shown us what unconditional love is.

When God’s children are living those words, and yet barred from his gifts, how do we even deserve them at all? Still, in spite of all our shortcomings, God continues to love us unconditionally. The least we can do is love God and each other unconditionally as well.

Elizabeth Rosenwinkel
St. Albert the Great, Minneapolis

Health care silence

I am very saddened by the silence of the Spirit on the pending legislation that would remove healthcare from 20-27 million people. With that large number, it is very easy to assume that well over 30,000 people would have an early death due to the lack of health care in a very short period of time.

With the Church’s stand on pro-life from conception till natural death, that support for affordable access to health care is a reasonable expectation.

The lack of moral direction on this subject from this paper and the pulpit needs to change. I am having a tough time understanding the morals that would allow silence on this subject, when the nation is considering giving death sentences to the poor who cannot afford life-sustaining medication.

Steve White
St. Patrick, Shieldsville

Disgusted by topics

I am totally upset and disgusted with two articles in the July 13 issue. This is not the Catholic Church of Pope Francis that I know and love. I am wondering how worthwhile it is to receive a paper like this or to spend even a moment reading it. The articles are “Bishop prohibits Catholics in same-sex unions from receiving Communion” and “Mom should know her place in son’s marital challenges.”

Father Michael Schmitz obviously knows nothing about marriage and certainly nothing about NFP. He should interview at least 100 couples who have tried this. For all kinds of reasons, it does not work. I don’t ordinarily spend time writing a letter like this, but I could not let these articles go by without comment.

Agnes Wolf
St. William, Fridley

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  • Armchair Canon Lawyer

    “Are we to believe that every person before same-sex unions who experienced the holy Eucharist, or an anointing with holy oils or a Catholic funeral, had been free of all sin?”

    Everyone who is in a state of mortal sin cannot receive the Eucharist. When that mortal sin is particularly obvious/manifest, such as living in an obviously sinful union, the priest has the right and duty to deny communion to those persons.

    Giving someone the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ to someone who is not worthy to receive is a grave sin. 1 Corinthians 11:29

  • Barbosa

    Agnes, you should read the article in this very publication:

  • Charles C.

    Dear Steve White,

    I understand that you are a busy man and that The Catholic Spirit prints a lot of articles. Still, I don’t understand your charge of silence on the health care issue. The Catholic Spirit has published seven articles on the subject in the period from July 13th through the 28th, that’s more than three articles a week. How many more do you want?

    If there is a valid complaint about the articles, it is that they are nearly identical without a new thought in the bunch. Bishop Dewane, or some bishops’ committee, says the Republican proposal is unacceptable and there are four goals which need to be met. Brushed over is the fact that the bishops supported Obamacare which didn’t even attempt to meet two of those goals, and failed miserably at the other two.

    You’ve been misinformed about the 20-30 Million people supposedly about to be kicked off health care by this legislation. Even the CBO, which has been exaggerating enrollment, reports that 16 million people will decide to leave Obamacare on their own as soon as it is no longer mandatory.

    Another point of interest in all of the articles The Catholic Spirit has published is that neither the bishops or the Democrats have come up with any proposal to meet the bishops’ “requirements.” There are massive practical problems involved and no one is discussing them in this paper.

    You want a “moral” discussion? What we have so far is a bishop saying (over and over again) “Health care is really important, so the federal government has to force citizens to give up enough of their money to pay for it for everyone, citizen or not, legal or illegal.”

    He forgets that we’re entering a time of a significant doctor shortage, various states have looked at it and decided they couldn’t afford it, and that totally government funded health care gives us Charlie Gard, ridiculous waits, rationing, and substandard care.