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Kathy Schneeman doesn’t think you should pay for her chocolates or her Nike’s — and as a Catholic she doesn’t want to pay for anybody else’s contraceptives. She elaborates in her blog, “Embracing Life”.

Evan is finding out that to be a missionary you have to be a jack-of-all-trades and that life in another country is different — and yet the same as parish life in the U.S. You can read Deacon Koop’s blog — more like “letters home” — on the “Mission Venezuela” blog at the same web address.

And did you know the way to reach Catholics may be through their digital funny bone? Check out’s “Spirit Blog” to see if your “humorous” — humerus, get it? — is working.

That’s just a spoonful of the blogs and the sometimes meaty, sometimes juicy items being served up on There were 11 blogs on the site as this went to press, but don’t hold us to that — more could be up there by the time the letter carrier puts this issue into your mailbox. features posts on books and stuff on bass that you may care about depending on your interests, and stuff Catholics like you should know and should care about, like, “Help human trafficking victims,” (Julie Carroll’s plea in the “Spirit Blog” for all of us to push Congress to combat modern-day slavery.), “Is what we say in confession really private?” (That’s in the “Faith and Reasons” blog.), and “What’s causing the drought in East Africa?” (“Eye on Faith and Science” blog).

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