Letters – January 21, 2016

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Parents as examples of Christian charity

Last weekend, I volunteered to keep score at my son’s Cub basketball game.

The Sabres were playing a team from another Catholic school, and I had the opportunity to volunteer and run the scoreboard. Unfortunately, the clock on the scoreboard was malfunctioning, so the coaches, the referee and I came up with a backup plan.

It was a great plan and would allow the boys to complete their game, but the dads from the opposing team didn’t like it.

Three fathers decided that the example of Christian charity they wanted their sons to experience was screaming across the gym at me to “Start the clock, you idiot!” After the game, I approached the dads and explained the situation, expecting that they would see the error of their ways and maybe even apologize. Instead, they said that since no one informed them that the clock was malfunctioning, they were right to scream at a volunteer — at a kids’ basketball game — at a Catholic school. And then the[y] stomped off, muttering nasty comments. What an example they set for their little boys!

I encourage all parents to remember that these are children. They are impressionable. They learn from your behavior. Next time, why don’t you consider taking a step back and think about how Mary and Joseph would handle the same situation. I bet you’ll react differently.

Katie Tierney
Guardian Angels, Chaska

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