‘October Baby’ draws tears and praise as a dramatic, touching pro-life story

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At the conclusion of October Baby, my wife, Julie, and I were in tears, prompting our 9-year-old daughter Claire to ask, “Who wants a tissue?”

The one I had been using throughout the 107-minute film still had a few dry spots, so I let Julie take the fresh one.

I had a feeling my eyes wouldn’t stay dry long, but was surprised at how many times throughout this film, due to open in theaters March 23, I choked up. Two reasons were: 1. A strong plot line filled with layers of drama and, 2. Magnificent acting by Rachel Hendrix, who portrayed Hannah Lawson, a young college student who begins her search for answers after finding out her birth mother had tried to abort her.

Not an easy role to play, considering there aren’t too many abortion survivors out there to study. But, she did it beautifully — and convincingly.

Issues on the table

This film is well done and not at all cheesy or preachy, though its pro-life message is unmistakable. That fact likely will keep abortion supporters away.

Too bad. They could learn a lot from this film, which probes the raw emotions — and agonizing regrets — of everyone involved in this tragic decision. The issues and the dynamics involved in Hannah’s case are probed and explored throughout this film, and the multiple tragedies and wounds — some intentional, some unintentional — are brought forth in a raw, but dignified way.

Catholics will be encouraged to see the church portrayed in a brief but positive way. The priest character in the film helps Hannah make a significant step in her journey to find both facts and healing.

Though the film deals with a very adult issue, Julie and I had no concerns about our 13- and 9-year-old children watching it. Producers  Jon and Andrew Erwin (along with American Family Studios) tastefully and deliberately leave out morally objectionable material, without negative effects on the plot line. If a mainstream Hollywood company had produced this movie, sexually suggestive or explicit content would have found its way into the film, whether it enhanced the plot or not.

But, thankfully, the Erwin brothers exercised appropriate restraints without creating a film that looks overtly prudish. In fact, I have high confidence that my sophisticated college sophomore would not only like the film, but might even think it’s “cool.”

Timing is right

I say that because his pro-life views are coming sharply into focus. And, this is a film that could do the same for many others. It is well worth watching, for Catholics and Christians alike, not to mention those who don’t share our faith, if they are willing to give this movie a look. Opening as Holy Week approaches, I would consider it one nice way to engage in this Lenten season.

And, on top of that, 10 percent of the proceeds are going to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to pro-life organizations. For more information about the movie, visit http://www.octoberbabymovie.net.

Official “October Baby” Trailer

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