Minnesota Catholic Conference decries the choice of Bradlee Dean to deliver opening prayer in house of representatives

| May 20, 2011 | 2 Comments

The Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC), the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in Minnesota, today decried the invitation of Bradlee Dean to give the prayer at the opening of today’s House session.  “It was wrong to have a person with extremist views, like those attributed to Dean, deliver the prayer in the House,” said Jason Adkins, MCC executive director.

“Dean disrespectfully turned the prayer into a polemic and his words divided the chamber rather than brought people together.”

Adkins continued:  “It was also unfortunate that those who are opposed to a marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution used Dean’s remarks to portray supporters as ‘hate groups,’ as well as state falsely that Dean was there on their behalf. As Speaker Kurt Zellers said in an apology today, which we welcome, the mistake was due to an internal oversight. Bradlee Dean does not speak for those supporting a marriage amendment in Minnesota.

“And to be perfectly clear, the Catholic Church and other prominent groups supporting a marriage amendment believe that everyone, including self-described gays and lesbians, must be treated with charity, dignity, and respect. We decry hate always and everywhere, even if we disagree about the nature of marriage.

“Once the amendment is passed by the House, we look forward to having a civil and respectful discussion—one truly befitting Minnesotans—with our fellow citizens about the important institution of marriage.”

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