Does your Catholic school have these 9 defining characteristics?

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The Catholic Spirit

Lorraine Ozar, the Loyola University professor who led the project that developed the new National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools, described the nine “defining characteristics of Catholic schools” as “national, agreed-upon, and non-negotiable.”

Because they flow from church teachings, define deep Catholic identity, and serve as platform on which the national standards and benchmarks rest, Ozar said, “These are the things that need to be present to be called a Catholic school.”

The defining characteristics are:

  1. Centered in the person of Jesus Christ.
  2. Contributing to the evangelizing mission of the church.
  3. Distinguished by excellence.
  4. Committed to educate the whole child.
  5. Steeped in a Catholic worldview.
  6. Sustained by Gospel witness.
  7. Shaped by communion and community.
  8. Accessible to all students.
  9. Established by the expressed authority of the bishop.


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  • tschraad

    When you
    worked with and for people or organizations that promote anti-Catholic
    teachings, these organizations benefit from their attachment to the Catholic

    When you
    partner with the devil because he allows you to do good things, eventually, he
    will convince you that everything he does looks good and you lost your beliefs.

    There are
    many worthwhile Catholic organizations that promote good works and do not need
    the headache of defending the appearance of promoting/supporting abortion, sterilization,
    contraceptives and the rape of women’s religious beliefs.

    You are
    absolutely wrong in partnering with the devil to obtain your goals.