Stories about adoption being sought to help others make decision

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The Adoption Option Council of Minnesota is celebrating Adoption Awareness Month with “30 Stories In 30 Days” throughout November on its virtual scrapbook “Minnesota Loves Adoption.”

People who have been involved in an adoption plan are urged to share their personal experiences by adding a new story to AOCM’s virtual scrapbook throughout November.

A variety of stories are already posted on the website from people like Sarah, who always knew she wanted to adopt a child who needed a home. Although she and her husband intended to have six biological children before adopting, she said, “that was not in God’s plan.” They now have two biological children and three adopted children.

Missy wrote that she was adopted in 1956 by a loving family and wouldn’t change a thing. Although she wondered about her biological heritage, she said, “What truly mattered is somewhere out there is a woman who for whatever reason made the most difficult decision in her life.”

Jayne wrote that she experienced many emotions as she watched the birth of her grandson. But, when the baby left the hospital with the adoptive family, it tore a hole in her daughter’s heart and her own heart. “It was so hard to see the emotions . . . my daughter, glowing from the birth, yet realizing it was going to have an abrupt end,” Jayne wrote.

Caren shared the joy and the sorrow in giving up her daughter for adoption. She writes about her experience during an annual visit with her daughter and her adoptive family. Caren says she searched her daughter’s face for signs of her own features and personality. After the visit, Caren recalls a joke her daughter told, which brought tears to her eyes and a smile as she thought: “She definitely has my sense of humor.”

Why choose adoption?

Sharing these personal stories may help take away some of the mystery in choosing adoption and create a loving community for those who make that choice, according to AOCM.

The website offers the following facts about adoption:

  • Adoption is open. Most birth parents and adoptive families share information and have an ongoing relationship.
  • Adoption is opportunity. Various life situations make adoption a valid option.
  • Adoption is courageous. Those who choose adoption are making a selfless decision for their child.
  • Adoption is teamwork. Birth parents and adoptive parents must work together for the child’s benefit.
  • Adoption is evolving. Today, everyone has more information and more control.
  • Adoption is love.

Birth parents, adopted persons and adoptive parents — along with grand­parents, friends and supporters are invited to submit their stories at Those who share their story during November will be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift card to Archivers so they can make their own scrapbook.

Celebrate adoption

What: Annual Mass in Celebration of Adoption
When: 5:15 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12
Where: Our Lady of Grace, 5017 Eden Ave., Edina
Who is welcome: Anyone who has been blessed with the gift of adoption. Refreshments to follow.

Sponsored by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

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