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Bethune Williams’ daughter, Nina Putmon, 10, is in fifth grade at Risen Christ Catholic School in Minneapolis. Williams, who is Baptist, explains why she chose to send her daughter to a Catholic school:

I chose to send her to Risen Christ because I heard good things about the school and the teachers.

. . . The activities that the kids and the families have at the school, like the fundraisers and the parent-teacher night and family day, those things are important to me and my family. I even had a granddaughter that went to that school, too.

Family day is really nice. A lot of parents and their kids show up, and I was really surprised to see how many men were there. The camping trip that they have scheduled for the kids in February, where parents get to participate, I’m going to participate this year. . . .

The teachers take time out to instruct the kids on what they need to do. If they need some one-on-one [time], they do get that.

I’m also pleased with the Title I program that they have for the kids. My daughter takes the Title I program. It starts early in the morning, but it gets her going. She looks forward to going to the Title I reading and math class four days a week. . . . Now they’ve got her reading and math on a sixth- or seventh-grade level and she’s in the fifth grade.

I like that there are different ethnic races at the school. [Nina] has a lot of friends that she has become close with, Somali kids and I think there was a young boy there from Ethiopia that she has befriended. Some of the girls are Hispanic, and she’s speaking Spanish pretty [well].

The school’s focus on faith and morals is very important.
We’re Baptists, . . . but we all serve the same God. Nina goes to Mass on Thursday mornings, and I’m not at all displeased with that; she’s learning something different.

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