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ccf_logo1993: The Catholic Community Foundation began operations under the leadership of chief executive Jim Mullin, board vice chair Mary Frey, and board president Tom Gainor.

1994: Grants totaling $173,785 were distributed for the first time from the Family of Faith Endowment and other endowments managed by the foundation. Grants supported Catholic education, seminaries, elderly priests and Catholic Charities.

1995: The foundation started providing donor advised funds. A donor advised fund allows donors to consolidate their giving and make a larger impact by investing their charitable assets with other like-minded donors.

1997: The foundation’s tuition assistance program began by distributing $4,800 to support six students at two archdiocesan schools. Since that time the program has provided $6.9 million in tuition support to 9,519 students attending 81 schools in the archdiocese.

2000: Charitable assets managed by the foundation exceeded $100 million.

2002: Annual grants distributed on behalf of foundation donors and partners exceeded $5 million.

2005: Marilou Eldred succeeded Jim Mullin as the second president of the Catholic Community Foundation.

2009: The St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity partnered with the Catholic Community Foundation to manage its long-term investment fund.

2011: Grants from donor advised funds and other funds totaled a record $8.4 million. Ninety percent of these grants stay in Minnesota.

Source: 2012 Catholic Community Foundation annual report

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