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Johnson’s theological work ‘a gift’ to the Church

I was saddened to read two letters to the editor [Oct. 13] criticizing The Catholic Spirit for advertising a lecture and conference featuring eminent theologian, Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, at Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality. Sister Elizabeth is a Sister of St. Joseph of Brentwood in good standing. (I am a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet from the St. Paul Province. She is one of us!) She did her doctorate in theology at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She is currently a distinguished professor of theology at Fordham University in New York. Sister Elizabeth’s theological work is a gift to the whole Church in its aim to express fully the faith of the whole people of God, its women and men. Six women theologians from six continents will accompany Sister Elizabeth to St. Paul and will launch a new book, a collection of articles on Christology by 25 women theologians from around the world. The book is “The Strength of Her Witness” (Orbis 2016). Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, is the editor.

Joan Mitchell, CSJ
St. Paul

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  • Paula Ruddy

    Thanks, Sister Joan. Sister Elizabeth Johnson’s message about women’s witness to Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection was inspiring–women in the NT and women today.

  • Mike17

    As far as I can recall, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Bucer probably considered themselves to be theologians. Likewise Bultmann and countless other theologians who reject the supernatural. Being a theologian counts for nothing. What matters is what the theologian says. Nor for that matter does where you got your qualifications count for much these days. As for being a professor of theology. Give me strength! And this conference sounds pretty sexist to me: only women theologians. A book on Christology called ‘The Strength of Her Witness’. That must be some kind of joke? As to the lady in question being ’eminent’, who I am to judge?