Letters – December 3, 2015

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Offensive art

Perhaps most pictures of the “Discovering the Falls of St. Anthony” that I have seen have been cropped, but I do not remember the woman in the right corner (“Capitol’s ‘Father Hennepin’ draws controversy as committee evaluates art,” Nov. 19). This representation of Indian women is offensive to me, and perhaps to some Native Americans, not because she is bare breasted, but because she is the beast of burden while the men sit idle. I am not a scholar of Native American ways, but I have never encountered that blatant a depiction of the clothing or manner of the culture before. Perhaps the cropped picture was preferable.

Marilyn Woolley
St. Stanislaus, St. Paul

Don’t forget sacrament

I read the very fine article on hospice care but was disappointed that no mention was made about the sacrament of the sick (“Catholic hospice care a way to live fully as death approaches,” Oct. 22). I received the sacrament over three years ago at age 79. Fortunately I received both spiritual and physical healing. Two of my doctors said I was a miracle. The peace that came over me was indescribable. When appropriate, I feel impelled to speak about the sacrament. I hope it’s not being forgotten. Maybe it’s having trouble remembering its name: extreme unction, sacrament of the dying, sacrament of the sick.

Jim Spevacek
St. Joseph, New Hope

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