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Justice should matter most

I’m so sick about reading more reports on clergy sex abuse. I have my faith, but it’s no wonder the Church is falling apart and membership is down in some areas. Fortunately I was never abused there, but anyone abused (in any form) anywhere can empathize with victims. There’s not enough accountability being taken or itemization of funds being spent on legal fees. If this were government, it would be a more pressing issue. And the statute of limitations might no longer exist for victims. Yet the silent membership are afraid of repercussions. Social capital matters more to some people than justice. And it’s sickening. Make your “right to life” just as much about publicly denouncing such conduct instead of saying you’ll just pray for them. Your apathy, priest protections and coddling are infuriating. Many are afraid of being ostracized by their friends and community. But we need to talk about this more. And we will.

Greg Lucid
St. Odilia, Shoreview

Speak about the silence

I just carefully and thoroughly read the pope’s letter to the people and came to the conclusion it was pure and simple “word salad.” He never sincerely demonstrated remorse for the decades of unlawful and perverted actions by those he and his predecessors directed, guided and supervised, much less the orchestrated cover-ups. He never fully committed to civil actions against the guilty. He refused to acknowledge, condemn or reverse the centuries-old “code of silence” prevalent in the Church, where any knowledge of the slightest issue that would bring shame upon the Church must not be brought forth. This code of silence is the root cause of decade upon decade of perversions and violations of the innocent. If this code did not exist, the unlawful actions would have been revealed, prosecuted and curtailed many decades ago. But, sadly, it still exists and remains condoned. What a huge embarrassment the pope’s letter was.

Tom Mader
Circle Pines

Sidewalk counseling saves lives

All is quiet on the abortion front. Even though more than 10,000 unborn children were killed by chemical and surgical abortion in Minnesota in 2017. Deaths by abortion are silent because no one can hear the babies cry. It is also quiet on the front lines of the abortion clinics where Christians are largely absent. This should not be, because showing up at the abortion clinics saves lives. I have seen hundreds of women change their minds on the very day their child was to be aborted. Last fall, a clergyman who is also a sidewalk counselor convinced a fellow pastor to join him on the sidewalk outside a late-term abortion clinic. Within a few minutes, his friend was conversing with an abortion-minded woman whose boyfriend was pleading with her to spare their child’s life. After a few more minutes, they agreed to go to a pregnancy help center. While at the center, the young mother received an ultrasound, emotional support and a plan to proceed with the pregnancy with confidence. Their daughter was born last February. This is what happens when the Church shows up. Sidewalk counseling is constitutionally protected, a mandate for Christians and very effective. What’s holding you back? Call Pro-life Action Ministries at 651-771-1500 for more information.

Ann Redding

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