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Leave the doors open

One of the most destructive forces infecting our Church today is polarization. That is why I was dismayed at The Catholic Spirit’s choice to publish Greg Magnuson’s letter in the Oct. 24 issue. While one applauds Magnuson’s defense of the Real Presence, I take strong exception to his call for action. If I, at the height of grappling with this mystery in my 20s, was told that I was a sinner and to “change my ways or stop calling myself Catholic” I would not have continued and become the believer I am today. Luckily, my questioning was validated, and wise guides accompanied me. We must resist forcing an artificial dichotomy on a lived reality that is nuanced and changes over the life of an individual Catholic. I reject the false sense that only some are eligible to be “in” and the rest should be “out.” No wonder youth leave in droves.

Meg Payne Nelson
Annunciation, Minneapolis

Jesus is present

In response to Greg Magnuson’s letter (Oct. 24) on the 60% lack of belief in the Real Presence: This, then, should be the No. 1 issue to be considered by the Archdiocesan Synod — restoring belief that Jesus Christ is there on our altars, that this Real Presence is why thousands of martyrs gave their lives, and why Catholic missionaries and lay workers founded hospitals and care for the sick and poor around the world. To remedy this lack of belief, I suggest solid catechesis in homilies and classrooms; restoration of the sacred in our churches by encouraging reverent dress and subdued behavior, thus recognizing these places are set aside for honoring God; and the use of music which reinforces our sacred belief, certainly not the “bread” songs in current use. After 40 years of singing and teaching about the “bread” on the altar, it is no wonder people do not recognize and adore the presence of Jesus Christ before them. Jesus said it is his Body. Why do we not believe him?

Cindy Paslawski
St. Pius X, White Bear Lake

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