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Unsustainable way of life

In response to last edition’s letter to the editor (“Raising larger families,” March 8), America has more than done its duty to “be fruitful, multiply, replenish and have dominion over the earth” in its “short course of 350 years.” (Its population would be even more than its nearly 330 million if we hadn’t decimated the native population early on.)

The letter writer feels the “immigrant solution” threatens the “American way of life” as we know it. Nothing new here. I’m sure Native Americans felt the same about the early Protestants, who felt the same about the Papists (that would be us Catholics), all of whom, if you watch conservative news outlets, feel the same about Muslims. They are coming to America for the same reasons all the rest of us did. Why wouldn’t it be a solution to have a reasonable path to citizenship for them as well?

What is unsustainable is the carbon footprint of America’s way of life.

Elizabeth Rosenwinkel
St. Albert the Great, Minneapolis

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