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Reaping what’s sowed

Are we through playing God? Or hasn’t it yet hit home that some of our drastic actions might unintentionally also affect us? The latest laws signed in some states that allow a baby to be born and then “kept comfortable” while the mother and doctor decide whether or not to let him or her live, has a name: infanticide. “Slippery slope” also fits. For hasn’t it occurred to the middle-age men and women applauding this new law that it might some day be turned on them as they age? What can be done now to an innocent child can possibly be done, later, even more easily to the aged who are seen as on their way out. So why not hasten it? With gnarled hands folded they might be “kept comfortable” as they get thumbs up or down from bystanders. Does it seem macabre or unbelievable? No more so than what is happening to babies now under the new law. If infanticide seems plausible to some, why would they stop at babies? “Be careful what you wish for” is an old saying. It might come back to haunt you. It’s at our peril if we take lightly this new law and allow it to stand. No one is safe. Another’s life is not ours to take.

Lucille Carlson
St. Peter, Forest Lake

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