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A shepherd defends his sheep

Thank the Lord for the gift of Archbishop Bernard Hebda to our archdiocese. He is a true pastor, a shepherd like the true shepherd, Jesus. The true shepherd, like Jesus, defends his sheep! Archbishop Hebda and the other bishops of Minnesota stood up against the unfair decisions of Gov. Walz about how many people could be in church for Mass. After several meetings with representatives of the archdiocese, the governor still insisted on a maximum of 10 people, even for large churches such as the Cathedral! Finally, when all the bishops of Minnesota banded together, and they were going to reject his unjust decision about the number of people who could be present for Masses, the governor was forced to recognize the injustice to churches. Other secular events could have many more people than only the 10 people at a religious service. Christians and especially Catholics must stand together to protect our religious freedoms! God Bless you, Archbishop Hebda and all the bishops of Minnesota.

Father Kenneth Ludescher
Retired priest of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Why so fast?

Two very respectful letters to The Catholic Spirit (June 11) expressed concern about the reopening of church services. Mine will not be as respectful. I was shocked that the archbishop was prepared to defy the governor’s order to restrict public gatherings. Many Catholic communities have been able to connect with their members via Zoom and other devices, as well as Masses broadcast over television and radio. Why would the archbishop be in such haste to reopen against all the medical advice to the contrary (especially considering a possible resurgence of COVID-19 in the coming weeks)? I am left with the unfortunate conclusion that the concern is less about our spiritual welfare, and more about the loss of weekly offerings. My offerings are by electronic funds transfer, so I will not have to endanger my health by delivering them in person.

Caroline Ries
Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul

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