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Apples and oranges

A recent letter writer (“Where are the funds for charity?” Jan. 10) inquires where the funds for charity are in the archdiocese’s budget. The writer references an article that touts a “… cost-effective way to end homelessness.” I noted that no figures in the subject Utah/LDS agreement were given. And no figures were provided for the overall budget of the LDS church to which regular donations are directed. But that is to be expected because those figures are unavailable.

The Catholic Church, unlike LDS, does not require a 10 percent tithe of its members to the archdiocese or to the Vatican. Catholics donate to their parish and, unlike LDS, are free to participate in any Church activity without pledging a tithe, and they freely give (about 1.5 percent) to their local parish.

The archdiocese budget is to support the parishes and their mission. Thus, Catholics are free and encouraged to donate to charities including Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services (worldwide) which serve strictly on need. Combined, they constitute one of the largest charities on the planet, while operating as separate entities serving different geographic sectors and are unaffected by any political or promotional efforts of the Church.

Art Thell
St. Joseph, West St. Paul

Appreciated profile

Thank you for the recent profile of attorney Patrick Noaker (“Minneapolis attorney: Desire to help sexual abuse survivors fuels work,” Jan. 10). I was especially impressed that your story noted that many abuse victims, to numb their pain, engage in self-destructive behaviors that not only exacerbate their suffering but also diminish their credibility. Noaker clearly understands this and now, thankfully, more of your readers will as well.

David Clohessy
St. Louis, Missouri

Editor’s note: The writer is the former national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP.

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