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Breastfeeding and NFP

I noticed in the July 26 issue of The Catholic Spirit in the articles discussing NFP that there was no mention of the benefits of breastfeeding and how it affects spacing of children. My mother breastfed me and all of my siblings. The spacing of my next two older brothers and me were two years between each of us, and for the rest of my older siblings it was similar.

I don’t know how much research has been done on this subject, but it seems to me NFP discussions without including it are incomplete. As I understand it, breastfeeding delays fertile periods; I would invite comments from medical practitioners.

Gene Floersch
Our Lady of Peace, Minneapolis

Elevate the dialogue

I find it sad that today’s political “dialogue” has basically disintegrated to the point that Ms. Rosenwinkel felt the need to play partisan games (Letters to the Editor, July 12). I don’t think anyone or certainly very few people would disagree (at least in the Catholic Church) that JFK and RFK were both wonderful public servants who also were not perfect.

Ms. Rosenwinkel curiously reveals her true partisan colors in her selective leaving out of criticism of any Democrat Catholic politicians. The Republican politicians she mentioned are no doubt guilty of some of the things she alleged.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, California Gov. Jerry Brown and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo are among just a few self-proclaiming Catholics who support not only unlimited abortion on demand but taxpayer funding of the murder of children as well, in addition to forcing Catholic Charities out of the adoption business, as all of these politicians I just named support destroying the family via their unlimited and unwavering support of so-called homosexual “marriage.”

So clearly the knife does cut both ways in modern politics, especially for Catholic ones? Bobby Kennedy “couldn’t get elected dog catcher” in today’s society? Please. He was from Massachusetts and later on New York. He would get elected to statewide office today even more easily in those locations than he would then.

If Ms. Rosenwinkel wants us to put aside partisan politics and petty mudslinging, she should lead by example.

Kristopher Kadrmas
St. John, Little Canada

Unequal descriptions

Describing a saintly woman solely as a “virgin” (for example: Aug. 11, St. Clare, virgin, in “Daily Scriptures,” July 10 edition), but never describing a man that way seems like a double standard from the last century. My Catholic Appointment Calendar issued by some churches simply names the saint of the day. Please do the same.

Michaelene Zawistowski
St. Thomas More, St. Paul

Editor’s response: The Catholic Spirit lists saints as they appear in the liturgical calendar of the U.S. bishops, available at, along with their official descriptions, such as “virgin,” “martyr” or “priest.” Beginning in the New Testament, the Church has traditionally noted the virginity of some women saints to highlight the virtue of purity and draw attention to their emulation of Mary.

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