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Immigration issue not so simple

In the last Catholic Spirit, the letter to the editor titled “Unsustainable way of life” simply stated all immigrants come to America for the same reasons. Simple is the precise word. While many people do come to America for the American dream, there are many that do not.

America needs people that will live by our Constitutional law. Sharia law is in direct competition with our law; it does not promote the dignity of women and children and does not respect other religions.

Immigration is about promoting the best possible environment for our country to prosper and promote freedoms for all, and is a means to determine who is dedicated to live by the same moral and civil codes.

There is already a legal path to citizenship. Citizenship is an honor and a responsibility, not a prize or a means to allow people to live in a simplistic world that does not exist.

Sharon Peterson
St. Joseph, Rosemount

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