Don’t water down truth in the name of civility

| November 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

It is always disheartening to see the obligatory “both parties are bad” letter that inevitably comes out every election time [“Civility lost in communicating political viewpoints,” Oct 18].

While Mr. Zimmerman’s longing for a spirit of civility is commendable, such a perspective blurs the real and important differences between the two main political parties.

No one looking honestly at contemporary politics can deny that one party is consistently wrong on the most important pro-life issues such as embryonic stem cells, euthanasia and abortion. And yes, there is a huge difference between capital punishment and abortion — the catechism never says that abortion is sometimes permissible as it does with the death penalty and even war (see CCC 2267, 2270-2279).

We would do well to remember that Jesus wasn’t always civil when he dealt with life’s most serious issues and, when it comes to protecting life, what we say is ultimately more important than how we say it. Let us speak the truth always with love (Ephesians 4:15). But when that truth is obscured, confused or watered down, how authentic can love really be?

Ryan Dowhower
Nativity of Our Lord, St. Paul

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  • jarnoj

    That sounds dangerously like you are telling us whom to vote for. Single issue politics is a tricky business to get into. The 'other' side has policies that would directy reduce the number of abortions by ensuring all have a living wage and access to healthcare and oter social programmes. "Your" party will argue to reduce access whilst not actually reducing the actual number of abortions per year as we have to count those who are rich enough to go elsewhere and those who will god other ways.

    We belong to a reasoned and thinking faith. It is beneath you to treat us otherwise by telling us what to think. The church displays truth and asks us to follow. It doesn't tell us how to vote.

    • Brent J Christen

      long term policies that MIGHT "directy reduce the number of abortions by ensuring all have a living wage and access to healthcare and oter social programmes." are not a subsititute for banning abortion in all of its forms NOW. Neither Party is perfect…thus each canidate should be vetted on how close s/he fits Catholic teaching according to how the Bishops suggest the heirarchy of values to consider are ordered. Social Justice NEVER trumps an individtuals right to be born.

  • jarnoj

    And no, there is no difference between capital punishment and abortion. Pro Life means for life – no choosing. EVERYONE has the right to life from conception to natural death. We cannot pick and choose.

    • Brent J Christen

      The Catechism says there is a difference between capital punishment and abortion, are you setting yourself up to be another Martin Luther and saying you know better than the Magisterium?