Church is welcome voice in support of union workers

| March 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

I wanted to thank [The Catholic Church] for its support for the Wisconsin public employees whose legal rights are being threatened. I am a Minnesota public worker, and an officer in my union (MAPE).

As one formed in the Catholic faith, I was so proud to see Milwaukee’s Archbishop?Jerome Listecki voice his support for the union workers. It appears the “consistent life ethic” is again appearing in Catholic consciousness.

Pope Benedict’s encyclical “Caritas in Veritate” reinforces workers’ rights, and specifically union rights. The bishop’s support of the Wisconsin employees is a wonderful continuation of the justice struggles of the last century that editor Joe Towalski reminded readers about in his article “Fighting for Racial Equality in the 1960s” [Feb. 17].

It seems some Wisconsin politicians want a “race to the bottom” by blaming civil servants for the economic situation.

How does removing legal rights help solve an economic crisis caused by deregulation and banking malfeasance?

As Christians, we cannot stand idly by when the rights accorded the human person are in danger of being violated.

Ryan Chegwin
St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church, Minneapolis

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