Reading, conversation, prayer inspire reflection on mercy

| Father Charles Lachowitzer | April 14, 2016

Throughout this Year of Mercy, I have found much spiritual inspiration in the book by Pope Francis “The Name of God is Mercy.” I have also read the articles in The Catholic Spirit on this theme and have learned much in many of my conversations about the deeper meaning of “mercy,” including the presentations at our archdiocesan staff Lenten retreat.

I have found my own attention to the word “mercy” heightened in the prayers of the Mass, in the daily psalms and in the Office of Readings. On Divine Mercy Sunday, following Mass, I wrote the following reflection:

Mercy when it is undeserved.
Mercy when it is unwarranted.
Mercy when grace has been squandered.
Mercy when the heart is ungrateful.
Mercy when the sin is too great to bear.
Mercy when death causes doubt, fear and anger.
Mercy when the eyes are blind and the mind closed.
Mercy when it seems foolish and naïve.
Mercy when unpopular and ill-advised.
Mercy when hubris shouts down humility.
Mercy when humiliation undermines dignity.
Mercy when disappointed and God is blamed.
Mercy when disappointed with human shame.

Mercy is God’s response to the human condition: God’s best offering in response to our worst offenses.

Our acceptance of redeeming grace is made simple by God’s mercy.Mercy through it all, with it all, above it all and over it all.
Mercy is the gift of the Spirit of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ, so that faith endures and hope perseveres.
Love is the only acceptable sacrifice in thanksgiving to the God of Mercy.

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