Many reasons for loving Christmas

| December 22, 2011

I love the feast of Christmas, as the mystery of the Incarnation is one of the greatest truths of our faith.

I love Christmas because of the lights, the holiday music, the Salvation Army’s charity pot.

I love hearing from old and new friends close by and in faraway places, but with whom regular contact is not always practical.

I love the joy of Christmas I see on the faces of young children who marvel at the wonder of it all.

I love receiving a Christmas gift and being delighted with the surprise of a friend’s choice.

I love being able to gather at parties for colleagues, co-workers and staff. Christmas is a special time to acknowledge the bonds that hold us together the whole year through.

I love Christmas for the opportunity it gives me to preach at both our magnificent Cathedral and our beautiful Basilica: To tell once again the message of our salvation.

God became man

Most of all, I love Christmas because the Son of God, all holy and powerful, did not cling to his divinity, but rather emptied himself to take on the form of a slave (Philippians 2:7). Imagine: God became man and lived among us. What could be better than that!

In this great mystery, we find the hope to yearn for world peace, to overcome our addictions and temptations to sin, to put aside partisan bickering and to begin to work together.

Yes, I love Christmas because on that day, so long ago, love descended from heaven to earth and changed human history forever.

May the hope and joy, and especially the love of Christmas, be yours this year and always!

God bless you

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