For the beauty of the earth

| Father Charles Lachowitzer | June 6, 2019 | 0 Comments

“Now if out of joy in their beauty they thought them gods, let them know how far more excellent is the Lord than these; for the original source of beauty fashioned them.

Father Charles Lachowitzer

Father Charles Lachowitzer

“Or if they were struck by their might and energy, let them realize from these things how much more powerful is the one who made them.

“For from the greatness and the beauty of created things their original author, by analogy, is seen” (Wis 13:3-5).

It is the season of the great outdoors. Minnesota, the land of more than 10,000 lakes, is also blessed with resorts, parks, trails and river voyages. In addition to this natural beauty, forests and prairie produce an abundance of timber and food. It is one of the first steps of faith to go from the beauty and providence of nature to the existence of its Creator.

The breath of God is the big bang of the universe. Out of nothing. Out of love. All matter and all life. Word and Spirit. In all of creation are the goodness of God and the sacredness of all life.

In the beginning, in the Book of Genesis, we are given the gift of the world around us and told to master and subdue it. Subdue we do. Nevertheless, we are to master creation in the image and likeness of the Master’s hand.

It is our responsibility to defend and protect all human life, from conception to natural death — the jewel in the crown of the sacredness of all life. From this central truth flows our love and gratitude to God for all of God’s creation from which we receive our sustenance.

It is disturbing to hear of islands of plastic garbage floating in the oceans, rivers used as sewer pipes, lands transformed into toxic dumps and cities with unbreatheable air. Illegal fishing and poaching deplete food stocks and threaten natural treasures. Human intervention is necessary to keep tigers, whales and condors, to name a few, from going extinct. It is a global problem.

The indifferent exploitation of our natural world is like slapping the hand of the gardener or biting the hand that feeds us. Our awareness grows for the need to preserve, conserve, prudently use and cause to flourish these providentially provided natural resources. Clean air, water and land are not just basic human rights, they are basic human responsibilities.

There are a myriad of things within our personal lives to show our respect for God’s creation. In our basic prayer before meals, our gratitude to God can include all the food and labor that came before the kitchen. To be aware is to care.

Science, economics and governments are divided on cause and effect. As Catholics, we do not need to stand at the poles of polls. Our stewardship of the environment comes from our belief in the Creator, in the word of life in Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of truth. We believe and are called to proclaim through our practices the sacredness of all life.

We behold what is beautiful in the eyes of God and our hearts are filled with all good gifts. Our efforts to love and care for all God’s people and the world around us are our gifts of gratitude back to God.

“For from the greatness and the beauty of created things their original author, by analogy, is seen.”

Por la belleza de la tierra


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