Quotes from this week’s newsmakers – June 6, 2013

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“Jesus speaks in the silence of the mystery of the Eucharist and reminds us each time that following him means going out of ourselves and making our lives not something we ‘possess,’ but a gift to him and to others.”
— Pope Francis, in his homily at Mass May 30

“Killing people to show that killing is wrong is a piercing contradiction and one that touches our very souls. Executions coarsen us. We daily condemn the glorification of violence, but what example is set when our state legitimizes killing? What results can we expect?”
— Florida’s seven Catholic bishops, in a letter asking Gov. Rick Scott to commute the death sentences of three men set to be executed over a span of 26 days starting May 29

“We’ve reached the point in this country that bashing people because of their faith is accepted, it is tolerated. You can get re-elected doing it. You can have big ratings on your television show doing it.”
— Oklahoma State Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, a self-described Catholic pro-life Democrat, speaking May 30 at 2013 National Religious Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C.

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