Quotes from this week’s newsmakers – January 20, 2011

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“I wish I knew the answer. But as the world continues to seek an answer to that question we can, each in our own way, strive to respect others, speak with civility, try to understand one another and to find healthy ways to resolve our conflicts.”
— Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Ariz, in a letter to parishes in which he sought to answer the question of how to prevent acts of violence like the Jan. 8 mass shooting in Tucson that left six people dead and another 14 wounded

“Through Catholic Charities, adoption services, lobbying on behalf of pregnant women, mothers and infants, support of life-giving alternatives, health care and education of youth for healthy, responsible, virtuous sexual behavior, we’ve done our best to keep that promise and these haunting statistics only prod us to keep at it.”
— New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, reiterating Jan. 6 the pledge of his predecessors to help any pregnant woman in need, in response to recent statistics revealing that 41 percent of pregnancies in New York City in 2009 ended in abortion


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