Hair-raising feat at St. Maron’s

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Msgr. Sharbel Maroun, center, pastor of St. Maron in Minneapolis, gets ready to auction off his hair as parishioners Aimee Brask, left, and Leisa Moses Magee of Maude Salon in Minneapolis tie it into small ponytails for a special fundraising event Aug. 14 at St. Maron. Photo by Dave Hrbacek / The Catholic Spirit

Msgr. Sharbel Maroun’s Hair for Hope campaign ended in dramatic fashion Aug. 14 at St. Maron in Minneapolis. After going more than two years without a haircut, the church’s pastor got his locks trimmed in front of an audience of about 300.

As two parishioners — hair stylists Leisa Moses Magee and Aimee Brask, owner of Maude Salon in Minneapolis — stood on stage with scissors in hand, members of the audience cheered and threw money at their pastor — literally. In fact, they bid against each other for the chance to cut 26 small ponytails that the two stylists carefully tied during an intermission of Msgr. Maroun’s concert.

Marounicio Jacobs, great nephew of Msgr. Maroun, takes his turn with a scissors during the hair-cutting ceremony, as stylist and parishioner Leisa Moses Magee lends a hand. Photo by Dave Hrbacek / The Catholic Spirit

With bids of up to $1,000, individuals and small groups came up to the stage for the privilege of cutting a ponytail. That day, the hair-raising proceeds totaled $17,700, which included a $2,000 donation for the honor of giving the pastor a buzz cut after all of the ponytails were sliced off. This was added to $16,000 raised during the previous two years of the campaign.

“I think, more than the money, the people’s love and care were touching,” said Msgr. Maroun, who began growing his hair in July of 2009. “I’m more impressed with that than the money.”

What began as a tribute to family members who had died of cancer turned into a fundraiser for both cancer and evangelization. The money will be given to St. Jude Medical Center to help children suffering from cancer, and to Télé Lumière/Noursat, a Christian TV station that broadcasts in Lebanon, other Arab countries and various other parts of the world.

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