Archbishop Hebda follows in the footsteps of 11 bishops and archbishops

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Archbishop Bernard Hebda is the 12th bishop or archbishop to lead the 166-year-old Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, with its 825,000 Catholics and 187 parishes. He succeeds a list of bishops and archbishops with varied backgrounds and impressive legacies.

Only the very first bishop — Joseph Cretin — and the very first archbishop — John Ireland — were not native-born Americans. Bishop Cretin hailed from France, and Archbishop Ireland was from Ireland.

Bishop Thomas Grace, who succeeded Bishop Cretin but preceded Archbishop Ireland, was the first South Carolina native to be ordained a priest and, as a Dominican, the only bishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis to belong to a religious order, with the exception of two auxiliary bishops.

Archbishop Ireland was ordained bishop of St. Paul in 1884. Four years later, he became an archbishop when the Diocese of St. Paul was elevated to an archdiocese.

The three archbishops who followed Archbishop Ireland were originally East Coast priests: Archbishop Austin Dowling from New York City; Archbishop John Gregory Murray from Waterbury, Connecticut; and Archbishop William Brady from Fall River, Massachusetts.

Archbishop Leo Byrne served as the archdiocese’s coadjutor archbishop for nine years but died before he was able to succeed Archbishop Leo Binz. It was under Archbishop Binz’s tenure that the Archdiocese of St. Paul became the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in 1966.

Only Archbishop Ireland and Archbishop John Roach grew up in and were ordained priests for the archdiocese.

Auxiliary bishops of the archdiocese

For nearly a century, auxiliary bishops have assisted the archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Of the 18 auxiliary bishops who have served here, 11 have been appointed to lead dioceses elsewhere. Only Archbishop John Roach was tapped to continue serving the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis as archbishop.

The following lists the bishops’ dates served and notes if they were named to lead a diocese.

Bishop John J. Lawler
Appointed bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota

Bishop James J. Byrne
Appointed archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa

Bishop Leonard P. Cowley

Bishop Gerald F. O’Keefe
Appointed bishop of Davenport, Iowa

Bishop James P. Shannon

Bishop Raymond A. Lucker
Appointed bishop of New Ulm

Bishop John R. Roach
Appointed archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Bishop John F. Kinney
Appointed bishop of St. Cloud

Bishop Paul V. Dudley
Appointed bishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Bishop J. Richard Ham, MM

Bishop William H. Bullock
Appointed bishop of Madison, Wisconsin

Bishop Robert J. Carlson
Appointed archbishop of St. Louis

Bishop Joseph E. Charron, C.PP.S.
Appointed bishop of Des Moines, Iowa

Bishop Lawrence H. Welsh

Bishop Frederick F. Campbell
Appointed bishop of Columbus, Ohio

Bishop Richard E. Pates
Appointed bishop of Des Moines, Iowa

Bishop Lee A. Piché

Bishop Andrew H. Cozzens
2013 – present

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