St. Thomas launches new brand ‘All for the Common Good’

| February 2, 2016 | 2 Comments

StThomasLogoThe University of St. Thomas in St. Paul launched a new brand, “All for the Common Good,” Feb. 2. The theme is rooted in Catholic social teaching and adapted from the university’s mission statement, which says its goal is to educate students “to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good.”

The brand emerged from the work of a 21-person task force that represented the university’s stakeholder groups. “In the Catholic tradition, the classic definition of the common good is a set of conditions that allows each and every member of a community to flourish,” UST President Julie Sullivan wrote in a forthcoming column for St. Thomas magazine. “This, in turn, depends upon an understanding of the nature and dignity of the person, and in the Catholic view each person is an image of God with the capacity to reason, choose freely, love and live in community.

Thus, a ‘common good education’ seeks to cultivate respect, understanding and empathy for others. Such an education also seeks to equip students to understand and appreciate the common good of society and to encourage a lifelong commitment to protect and enhance the common good at every opportunity.”

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  • Charles C.

    Did anyone really expect something meaningful to come from a committee of 21 “Stakeholders?” What even is a stakeholder? Someone interested in the school, I suppose. But that is just the faintest warning of the terrors to come.

    This “New Brand” was taken directly from Sesame Street. St. Thomas would like, apparently, its students to spend four or more years to learn how to respect other people. Does anyone knows what that means anymore? And if it still does have some meaning, isn’t that the sort of thing which was supposed to have been learned well before college?

    The students there are expected to devote their lives to create and protect “a set of conditions which allows each and every member of a community to flourish.” Besides using the word “flourish” which means many different things, especially when it refers to people, would someone care to offer some concrete conditions which allow every single member of a community to flourish? I’ll bet a nickel that besides some vague platitudes, there is nothing which meets that test.

    The most recent issue of St. Thomas’ magazine contained an article full of praise for a faculty member much recognized for being a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, and advising people to protest in the Mall of America, knowing it was illegal. Is she interested in the conditions which allow every single member of the community to flourish? Of course not.

    And respect for others?

    “Students at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, for example,
    blasted event organizers for planning to bring a camel to school for
    “Hump Day,” because it was “insensitive to Middle Eastern cultures.”
    (There was no known Middle Eastern theme to the event.)”

    Tell me, which group of students were shown disrespect, those who wanted the camel or those who didn’t? And, what should be done about it?

    The “New Brand” of St. Thomas is hot air disguised in the language of lawyers, politicians, and academics. It means anything you want it to mean. Imagine the uproar if their “New Brand” included words like “Truth,” “Traditional Catholic Faith,” “Free and open discussion of any issue or belief.”

  • tschraad

    Article stated “the common good of society and to encourage a lifelong commitment to protect and enhance the common good at every opportunity.”
    How does the (administration) in their support of killing the unborn enhance the common good? Or is this the norm of the new common good. St. Thomas has lost its moral compass and now has secularism as its God.