Pro-life Action Ministries’ headquarters vandalized

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The St. Paul headquarters of Pro-Life Action Ministries was vandalized Jan. 22. In this photo submitted by the organization, it obscured two curse words directed at President Donald Trump and unborn babies. Courtesy PLAM

The St. Paul building that contains the headquarters of Pro-Life Action Ministries was vandalized sometime after 6:30 p.m. Jan. 22.

It was discovered the morning of Jan. 23, said Executive Director Brian Gibson.

Someone painted an upside down cross on an outside wall, plus derogatory messages about unborn children and President Donald Trump. Gibson said a security camera installed across the street may have captured the crime.

“What I find most disturbing is the hate speech indicated by the upside-down cross, reminiscent of the KKK,” Gibson said in a statement. “Clearly, there are those among pro-abortion advocates who seek to threaten, harass and intimidate those who peacefully seek to protect innocent life. But let me make this even clearer, we are not intimidated. Our work to return protection to the defenseless will continue unabated.”

Gibson said this was the first act of vandalism aimed at the ministry headquarters building “in a very, very long time.” Other incidents since the ministry first occupied the building in St. Paul’s Payne-Phalen neighborhood in 1988 include someone throwing a brick through a window and someone shooting a hole in a window. Other acts of vandalism include graffiti similar to what was painted  in the most recent incident.

On the afternoon of Jan. 22, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, Pro-Life Action Ministries held a rally in front of Planned Parenthood in St. Paul that drew 180 people.

“It was a very good, profound time of prayer out at Planned Parenthood,” he said. “We had a much larger group show up than we normally see on Jan. 22.”

Four local pastors led prayer at the event, including Father Humberto Palomino from St. Mark in St. Paul.

Also held Jan. 22 was the annual Minnesota March for Life at the State Capitol, sponsored by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.


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