Opposed by MCC, ‘transgender toolkit’ approved by state education department

| July 20, 2017 | 19 Comments

A “best practices” guide for schools with transgender students approved by a Minnesota Department of Education advisory council denies reality and detracts from the purpose of education, said Jason Adkins, Minnesota Catholic Conference executive director.

Testifying before the School Safety Technical Assistance Council prior to their July 19 vote to support the document, Adkins said the “Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” “is another example of the ongoing evisceration of the purpose of education, which is to form students to pursue the truth, not merely to instruct or indoctrinate them.”

He said the toolkit asks school faculty, students and parents to deny reality, and is “less about protecting all students than ruthlessly imposing a plastic view of human beings on everyone, and punishing those who don’t conform.”

The toolkit outlines practices for supporting students transitioning from their biological to perceived gender, using students’ preferred names and pronouns, and restroom use and overnight sleeping arrangements.

“The truth is that this toolkit fits neatly into a world of alternative facts, fake news, climate change denial and trigger warnings,” Adkins said. “Science matters only when it serves an ideology. As a result, our public school system and its leaders have contributed greatly to the decline in civil discourse and a denuded public culture, where the loudest, most powerful voices — not the truth — win; this toolkit is just its most recent and radical exaltation of a dictatorship of the subjective self.”

The Minnesota Department of Education described the non-binding toolkit as “a resource to help school districts and charter schools create school environments where transgender and gender nonconforming students are safe, supported and fully included.”

More than 200 people attended he council meeting in the Minnesota Department of Education’s Roseville offices. In an effort organized by the Minnesota Family Council, opponents wore red and carried signs with the hashtag #Stopthetoolkit. Led by OutFront Minnesota and related organizations, toolkit proponents wore purple.

According to the toolkit, transgender students can use the restroom that coincides with their gender identity, and students uncomfortable with sharing a restroom with transgender students may use a private space, such as a single-stall restroom. On school-sponsored trips, transgender students are also allowed to “room with peers who match the student’s gender identity.”

“We all agree that our schools should be places that are welcoming and compassionate towards all people, regardless of personal struggles or the challenges that they bring to the classroom. Every person has inherent dignity and is entitled to respect and kindness,” Adkins said in his testimony. “But to enlist the schools, families and students in a modern version of the tale of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ is to attack the very foundation of education as an enterprise rooted in pursuit of the truth.”

He said the ideology behind the toolkit “is harmful to those children struggling with gender dysphoria.

“Not every subjective feeling should be affirmed by everyone else — especially when it is inconsistent with objective reality.”

MCC is the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in Minnesota.


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  • tjg1984

    “He said the toolkit asks school faculty, students and parents to deny reality” – Is this accurate? Transgender people are aware of their chromosomes, their anatomy, and other facts, but they still are who they are, and nobody has demonstrated the ability to talk transgender people out of that identity. Maybe it’s time to accept that.

    “punishing those who don’t conform” – Transgender and gender non-conforming kids have been punished in the past; this is about stopping that.

    “Science matters only when it serves an ideology.” – No. A lot of us think that science matters all the time. But science doesn’t actually dictate that transgender people don’t or can’t exist. There’s fact, and there’s interpretation of fact. Think about the distinction.

    Overall, I see no evidence that Adkins is making any effort to understand transgender people, nor is he giving one inch on his own ideology and indoctrination.

    • samton909

      Go to youtube. Type in “De transitioning”. You will be directed to literally hundreds of videos by people who were sure they were trapped in the wrong body. Then, once they transitioned to the other sex, they found out they were wrong and they decided to change back. This indicates that something is very wrong in Trans Denmark.

      • tjg1984

        Regret and detransition do exist, but the rate is very low. “literally hundreds” of videos might sound like a lot, except that there are literally millions of transgender people. I won’t deny that a small number of people do detransition, I wish them the best, and I hope that the psychologists who work with transgender people get better at identifying these people early and helping them figure out what’s going on. But for the vast majority of transgender people, this is not what’s going on.

        If you’re interested, this article (or the accompanying video) links to a variety of studies and addresses several of the most-discussed cases of regret and/or detransition (not everybody who detransitions has regrets about transitioning): http://genderanalysis.net/2015/07/walt-heyer-and-sex-change-regret-gender-analysis-09/

    • Barbosa

      Yes it is accurate. To treat someone as a woman when they are a man – just because that person insists you do so- is to be complicit in that person’s denial of the reality of who they are. When you do this, you are not loving them, helping them, or being compassionate as much as you have convinced yourself you are.
      When parents do this to their children it is an abdication of their role at best, and when it involves surgery and hormone treatments it is child abuse.

      • tjg1984

        Again with the “reality of who they are” bit. Maybe who a person really is isn’t determined by the body. Transgender people are well aware of what their bodies are like, but they are who they are anyway.

  • Trans Activist “of one”

    Reality is that transgender and intersex children have and do exist..
    Science will forever remain as imperfect as those who study it.
    If God is still creating (creation concluded after six days) then it must be concluded that transgender and intersex children are of His creation.
    The Bible tells us what went wrong with the body—Genesis 3. Do what Jesus would: love and embrace your transgender neighbor.

    • samton909

      Of course we love all people. Whether to buy into to a really doubtful trend that is currently in vogue, a trend that is highly unlikely, is another matter. People can legitimately believe that transgenderism is complete bunk.

      • Ska-roo U Texas!

        Is it truly a trend though? Or are, like gay rights prior, transgender persons finally free to be themselves? I argue the latter and that freeing gender from its prison is another freedom. What laws are broken?

      • Betrayer-in-Chief

        Trend like boobie enhancing?

  • Sandy

    Bigotry cloaked in Religious Belief is still BIGOTRY and immoral.

    • samton909

      Calling anyone who disagrees with you over substantive matters a “Bigot” is a form of bigotry too. Stop labeling and start thinking.

  • Dianne S

    I love how an organization that claims there’s been a virgin birth can, with a straight face, accuse others of “denying reality”.

    • Erik Ritland

      Comparing natural law, which is material, and the idea of miracles that transcend that law, is a false comparison.

      God bless.

    • samton909

      Do you think that was actually clever? If so, you have confused “clever” for thought.

  • Mara Glubka

    Kids are suffering and dying. The Catholic answer: pour gasoline on them and light them on fire. REALITY is that sex and gender variations occur in humans just like in all of nature. The only difference is that nature doesn’t have patriarchal religion. I am transgender, but didn’t have the guts to be myself until 58 years old and nothing has been more life and happiness affirming than finally living in truth. I knew who I was since the age of 4. I also grew up Catholic as the oldest of 8 and attended Catholic schools through high school. The Catholic church, where fully 6% of Catholic priests at one point were raping children. Hypocrites of the first order. Truly EVIL. Grow up about human sexuality and stop killing and raping kids.

    • Erik Ritland

      I’m sorry for your experience in the Church. I hope you can someday be at peace.

      One is too many, and the scandal was awful on the Church’s part, but the percentage of priests who were sexually abusive is closer to 3-4%, which is lower than the national average for men.

      Your talk about evil and raping and hypocrites shows that you’re hurting very badly, and that hurts me and every loving Catholic very much. I sincerely hope you find peace.

    • samton909

      Just as many kids are suffering and dying because they are being pushed the idea that their problems all stem from the unlikely notion that they are the wrong sex. Go to youtube, and type in De Transitioning. You will find literally hundreds of videos of people who were told they were transgendered, and then transitioned, and then found out they were wrong. Transitioning did not help anything, and in some cases made things worse.

      So, yes, kids are suffering precisely because some clown convinced them they are transgender when they have other problems altogether.

      By the way, the raping of children seems to have been done primarily by homosexual priests, part of the same gender thing.

      • tjg1984

        “the raping of children seems to have been done primarily by homosexual priests”

        [citation needed]

        “part of the same gender thing”

        What do you mean by this?