Gov. Dayton denies pro-life efforts in veto

| May 12, 2017 | 2 Comments

Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed two pro-life bills May 10 after the House and Senate passed both in previous weeks.

One bill, H.F. 809, would have ended taxpayer funding of abortions, a measure which Dayton also vetoed in 2011. The other bill, H.F. 812, required licensing and inspections of any medical facility that performs 10 or more abortions monthly. The bill’s requirements of  inspections conformed to those of the abortion industry, according to Minnesota Citizens for Life.

Minnesotans have paid taxes for abortions since the 1995 Doe v. Gomez trial in the Minnesota Supreme Court. Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life reported that taxpayers have paid more than $23 million through 2015, marking the first 20 years since the decision.


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  • Paula Ruddy

    Given the sacredness of life, I think a women should discern very carefully the morality of having an abortion. I assume most women do. It must be one of the hardest decisions a woman can make, and she is protected by law in making it. Is it right for a state to ensure having that medical service available for women who need it? I can see a justification for vetoing the unfunding bill. I don’t know about the licensing bill. Is the intent of the article to question the Governor’s action? There is not enough information or analysis to provide a basis for questioning.

  • CorvetteKid1969

    Catholics need to stop funding the liberal welfare trash with their anti-Catholic positions, including left-wing liberals like Dayton and the Black Left.

    It’s time for the Catholic Church to start identifying the enemies of the Catholic Church AND Catholics. And that starts with the liberal elite and their lackeys, the Black Ghetto Underclass political goons.

    The sooner a church which is 97% white and largely middle class in this country recognizes that the political agenda of left-wing liberal elites and the Black Left is NOT in it’s best interests, the better off we will be.