Cretin-Derham Hall faces lawsuit over expelled student due to safety threat

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Six months after Cretin-Derham Hall addressed a rumored gun-related safety threat, the St. Paul Catholic high school faces a lawsuit from the expelled student tied to the rumor.

Recent CDH graduate David Deaver filed the civil lawsuit in Ramsey County District Court Aug. 20, alleging that the school “took illegal disciplinary action against him” according to the petition. Deaver claims the school violated its educational contract with him, defamed him and didn’t offer him due process in the investigation of the rumors.

CDH considered canceling classes for a day during the week of Feb. 18 when a rumor of a planned shooting circulated among the students the week following the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. While the CDH administration decided to have school since the threat wasn’t proven credible, the St. Paul Police positioned officers in the building that day as a precaution.

Deaver, who had been linked to the rumors, was expelled Feb. 21. According to the petition, CDH expelled him because he “‘planned to go to CDH and commit a violent act which involved a shooting at the school’ or words to that effect.’” Deaver claims the allegation was false and didn’t know about the rumor “until he heard it, and had no plans to commit any violent acts at school or otherwise” the petition states.

A CDH spokesperson said the school can’t comment  on pending litigation. In addition, the school wishes to protect the student’s confidentiality.

According to the petition, CDH wouldn’t allow him on campus, to participate in school activities or walk in graduation. Deaver received his diploma without being at the ceremony. He claims that he has been “disconnected from many of his childhood friends” and now has depression since the expulsion.

The court will hear the case Sept. 24.

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