Church-related job, career a good way to contribute talents, enrich own faith

jobsLooking for a career in the Church? You might just find what you’re looking for here.

Each issue of The Catholic Spirit will feature an advertisement highlighting jobs available throughout the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. (The first ad appears below.)

For many people, a part-time job or career in a par­ish, school, archdiocesan office or other church-affiliated organizations is a good opportunity to assist the Church in its mission and enrich their own faith in the process.

Eileen Bock recently accepted a position as marketing and communications project manager in the archdiocesan Office of Communications.

“My main duty is to help other departments in the archdiocese with the marketing and communications portion of their projects and events,” Bock said.

Previously, she has worked in marketing and sales, most recently as an independent consultant. She was looking for something more permanent when she applied.

“One of the biggest benefits of working for the archdiocese is [that] I didn’t have to learn the ‘business.’ As a consultant, I had to learn about each company’s widgets they sell or services they provide,” she said. “As a lifelong, active Catholic, I already know about the Church. I really enjoy the people I work with and my new responsibilities. I can honestly say all of the projects I work on are for a great cause.”

Bringing faith to work

Marie Maki works as an administrative assistant at St. Ambrose in Woodbury.

After college she worked for an advertising agency, and then worked as a full-time mom for 13 years.

She wanted to get back to work when her youngest son finished fifth grade, but working full-time didn’t work with the family’s busy schedule. “I have a bachelor’s degree in business and wondered what I could do after being out of the work force for so long,” Maki said.

After an ad appeared in the parish bulletin, she applied and was hired in April 2010.

“I love working at St. Ambrose,” she said. “I grew up in a very strong Catholic family, going to a Catholic elementary and high school. It is wonderful when I am thinking of someone that I know needs a prayer, I can stop by our chapel for a few minutes and light a candle, right here at my job.”

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  • maurialvarez

    to whom it may concern i am a niece of mr mike flores who has married josie flores they were both from cameron and had business a mother and father who had a business and who attended the catholic church ever since hes parents decesed and he was a alter server along with hes brother marshall who thety believed to asy there rosaries that there loving mother thaught them to do for the community and who believed to help the poor and fed the homeless and and sheltered them under there roof for those that did not have the jobs they attened to hes home for support and they both became societs to there jobs & to the community and to the the churches to donate there time and money and to help the patriotic hispanic for the fiestas national latino at the flag hall who believed that all hes children and grand children suceeded in thier beieves in working hard to earned to the dreams they have it came to where he helped hes brothers children and to who ever came to hes door with all hes 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    salons & LVN with her daughter elvira and there niece bettyna lopez the wife of joe lopez and and gabriel and alan lopez who attended the navy force and there sister sylvia who worked for the schools in food produce the sons of gloria and phillp lopez who there dad worked for the tracks to have two brothers who we are proud uncles that with the talent there father passed on to them of playing the hamonica and the cordion with the family having the love they have for theses children had lost both there parents and the love was bonding to all the children to proceed what the the lord gave this whole entire family to stick together for the son of maryann the mother of two sons and a daughter working for motels and for the marines and marshall also attended in airforce with hes wife and trubones flutes french tubas drums and the greatest gift having there vocolist of mrs gloria lopez and mike flores ,marshall flores josie corona martha zayed and her husband with business of protolium gas stations and the others daughters of mr flores and the two brothers well known in working in the cameron community in first national bank citizen national bank and there daughter became realestate business ladies to the rest of the family who worked for the tracks. all the corona brothers were raised to be farmers and all so there children two little girls who loved the farming and the city.&and also her husband having music in the family the son of lupe corona became mahcanics joel and hes sons , and there great uncle killeen and the rest of the family being farmers and pastors to the community and the brothers of mr damon corona rail road tracks for santa fe george and david and lupe who worked for the dairies and there sister and son who became food produced mngrs mangement of fast foods & the rest groceries stores and there wives being best for kieth minimax being cooks and best employee of scott and white & who there father would be proud of and to hes son archie corona who worked for arcobell and the son of this young women the son of aurthur vega jr who works in food produce joshua damon vega and also in st edward hospital in resturaunts in las vegas and hes grand father who all so worked for the tracks and grand mother sally vega a beautician and also worked for scott and white . and martin flores who worked for maclanes the man that was hes supervisor who remolded cameron water dept for our comunity for all these families that live in the milam county and who we needed for our community to have the jobs that our children need in our town the family of this whole entire couple lupe and catarinos with grandchildren & great ones and sons and daughters and friends and close friends had scattered in irving texas dallas texas grand prarie sanantonio texas ,arlington texas and too the rest of the family lubbuck texas ,arizona texas and to believe how the beauty of the 50s began and the way we expressed it with beauty and the fun times of thoses yrs we all had while time flew bye and to the farms of the beauty this young lady passed in mexico and worked for a family named the rameriez selling food produce to the community of temple and milam county with the families that needed help and to other countries and towns to provide the help they needed to survive for the next things to come in the future & how it grew to have the most wonderful children to show the rest of the community to show the rest of the generation the love and the togetherness and the peace and to learn from one another and the sharing of bonding with the love ones and family the joy of this family is ( Love Never Dies it flows throw our viens with special intentions with essence with mother nature }.friends forever hope you love this story of this family has had lots of hisoty to pass on to the generation even to the memories of there great uncles who were in the revolution war and war 1 and 2 & how they became to reach the mountains to see that becomes the riches of the lands & the flowing rivers of many tears of the love of a family who endures the heart of the women that loves her blossems of flowers with the raise of many suns with crowns of a beauty of a princess . chow and to there ancestors of there indians .friends forever

    • mauri

      and to thoses we believed in making our sacraments to get closer to our lord to be the strong in our believes and to the cross we bare with all our heart walking the journeys to reach our goals to the next generation with all our love hello to our priest that showed us and who preached to us to keep going with our parish and youth to the catholic of st monicas and gudalupe and st lukes st marys st francisco and sagrado corazon members in christ .Amen