Center for Mission office presents awards to students

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Students hit gold from Forest Lake to Prior Lake, Stillwater to Maplewood

The archdiocesan Center for Mis­sion awarded prizes for its second writing contest to four students and a group of third-graders.

Grace Mahowald and Rachel Schriever from St. Michael School in Prior Lake tied for first place in the Grades 1-3 category for their answer and picture illustrating: “We can follow the example of Jesus’ mission by ——-.”

Will Frisch, a fourth-grader from St. Croix Catholic School in Stillwater, took first place in Grades 4-6 with his essay outlining several ways to follow Jesus’ mission.

Michelle McKenzie, an eighth-grader from St. Jerome School in Maple­wood, took first in the Grades 7-9 category for her essay, which is printed on this page.

St. Peter School in Forest Lake re­ceived a special award for the most innovative entries. Teachers — inspir­ed by artist Doug Landis, who sketches with a pencil in his mouth — had the students draw by the same method to learn what it is like to live with a disability.

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Jesus’ mission in the world today

The world of today is a complex mix of people. Can the mission of Jesus Christ affect the society of today? The teachings of Jesus are guidelines that all people can follow. They are a rubric for life. The Bible tells of the life of Jesus, the stories He told, and the miracles He performed. The troubles of today are very different than the troubles of the times of Christ, but the needs of the people are the same. People need love, kindness, and forgiveness. People also long for peace and harmony. The mission of Jesus Christ is about fulfilling the needs of all of God’s people.

The mission of Jesus Christ was to teach God’s people, all people, how to live in peace and harmony. He came down from heaven, born into a poor and simple family, and lived the life of a man. Jesus taught the people about forgiveness. He taught about loving one another and caring for each other.

Jesus taught the people about God, God’s expectations, and the kingdom of God. Jesus fulfilled his mission on Earth by example, through stories, miracles, and sacrifice. The resurrection and ascension into Heaven was not the end of Jesus’ mission on Earth but only the beginning.

The world of today has a fair amount of despair, hatred, and evil. But there is also a tremendous amount of love, kindness, and good.

All across the globe, there are countries at war, people fighting and killing. There are people who are poor, without food to eat and clothes to wear. And, there are people full of anger and hate.

Across the globe, there are also people of compassion, willing to help. There are people with riches looking to share.

And, there are people full of good, longing for peace. The world of today is full of people who need and people who can give. The troubles of today are many but the solution is easy, Jesus Christ.

People of today can learn how to manage some of the troubles of the world by following the examples of the mission of Jesus. Treat all people with respect starting with the no bullying programs in schools. Those who have more can give to those who have none through the food shelves and local missions. Forgive one another. Follow the examples of Jesus and there will be peace and harmony in the world.

The mission of Jesus and the world today have many things in common.

The needs of the people are the same and the message of Jesus is the key.

The people of today are very diverse. The mission of Jesus is to fulfill the needs of all God’s people. The life of Jesus is the rubric for a life of goodness.

Michelle McKenzie, Grade 8, St. Jerome School, Maplewood

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