Archbishop issues prayer for marriage

| December 15, 2011

To assist statewide efforts to defend and define marriage in the Minnesota Constitution, Archbishop John Nienstedt has issued a prayer intended for use as part of the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass.

The archbishop also encourages use of the prayer in eucharistic adoration chapels so worshipers can pray for the success of the state marriage amendment and all efforts to strengthen marriage, according to a letter posted on the archdiocesan website at He also is calling on Catholics in the archdiocese to embrace Fridays as a day of prayer and sacrifice for the success of the amendment effort.

The amendment, supported by Minnesota’s Catholic bishops, will appear on the 2012 ballot. It will ask voters: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?”

“The current struggle to defend and define marriage within our civil constitution demands a three-fold approach,” Archbishop Nienstedt said. “We must educate our fellow citizens on the meaning and good of marriage. We must actively and resolutely promote widespread participation among our fellow believers in the support of a marriage amendment. And, most importantly, we must pray and offer sacrifice for the success of all endeavors that seek to protect and promote marriage.”

Copies of the prayer may be downloaded or ordered from the archdiocesan Office of Worship.

Marriage PrayerHeavenly Father,

Through the powerful intercession of the Holy Family, grant to this local Church the many graces we need to foster, strengthen, and support faith-filled, holy marriages and holy families.

May the vocation of married life, a true calling to share in your own divine and creative life, be recognized by all believers as a source of blessing and joy, and a revelation of your own divine goodness.

Grant to us all the gift of courage to proclaim and defend your plan for marriage, which is the union of one man and one woman in a lifelong, exclusive relationship of loving trust, compassion, and generosity, open to the conception of children.

We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.

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  1. Guest says:

    I live my life respecting the validity of human beings as
    they come from the hand of God, created in holy diversity, and I value the
    superiority of love over manmade doctrine. 
    My prayer is that truth will prevail as we try to work out the
    challenges that test us as loving human beings. 
    Therefore, in this case, I simply ask the Divine “May the vocation of
    married life, a true calling to share in your own divine and creative life, be
    recognized by all believers as a source of blessing and joy, and a revelation
    of your own divine goodness.”  

  2. Phil says:

    We’re all tired of the closeted gay clergy beating up on gay people to make us believe they are not gay.  We can all see the obvious.

  3. Claudettemoran says:

    I am sorry, but I am NOT praying for this!

  4. Wilsteve says:

    The unholy unions are those where the marriage partners disrespect each other (and thus God), and bring children into this world that who they choose not to love and cherish.  All of God’s children deserve love.

  5. Centralmnusa says:

    I think this is a very honest attempt to identify the Church with a very regressive position. I suspect it is not enough that we have nearly bankrupted our country and destroyed civil liberties by electing people NOT on the basis of who is best, but based upon who the Church sees as the best candidate to criminalize abortion.

    The involvement of the clergy in influencing “the vote” will come back to haunt them(us) as the worm and the tides change and people begin to use “the vote” to undo tax exemptions and religious freedoms we claim as Americans.

    Playing with political fire is dangerous and can be great fun for faith leaders while they are winning. The reverse of this voting influence might really bite!

  6. TR says:

    The anti-gay crusade being conducted by the hierarchy is sinful and should be renounced by Christians and people of faith.