Leading with Faith honoree — Dr. Richard Endris, DC

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Dr. Richard Endris

Dr. Richard Endris in his office at Endris Chiropractic. Dave Hrbacek / The Catholic Spirit

President, owner, Endris Chiropractic

Age: 50
Parish: St. Joseph, West St. Paul
Spouse: Ann
Children: Theresa, Veronica, John, Patrick, Juliana, Mary, Joseph, Samuel, Christopher, Lucia
Education: Northwestern Health Sciences University, 1994
Number of years with company: 25 years

Placing the Lord at the center of his life, Dr. Richard Endris relieves pain through his chiropractic care in West St. Paul, and turns no one away who seeks care. He volunteers with the Cub Scouts at his parish, and as a Third Order Carmelite, he prays throughout the day. To those who want to lead with faith, he says, “lean on God and include him in everyday activity, whether it is simple or complex. God enjoys being our companion on our journey.”

Q Describe your business.

A Endris Chiropractic has been in business since 1996. We deliver chiropractic care to all ages. We are a family-oriented/wellness-based practice. We adjust the spine and extremities as well has help people with nutritional advice.

Q Describe your position and role.

A I am the owner and chiropractic doctor of Endris Chiropractic. I have the privilege to lead the five employees who work with me. We serve people from all over the Twin Cities and beyond.

Q What does “leading with faith” mean to you?

A Leading with faith means placing the Lord at the center of your life and to live for and with him on our journey to heaven. It means to value the things the Lord values, which of course includes valuing the people we live with, the people we work with and the people we serve. It means to not be afraid to pray for and with others you encounter each day. As a Third Order Carmelite, for myself it includes praying throughout the day as I work and offering my work to God as a gift.

Q How do you concretely apply your faith and Catholic values at work?

A I start my day with a prayer, which includes daily Mass, to offer my work to God. With the very first patient of the day I ask God to bless them and heal them as well as each person I encounter that day. There are many opportunities to relieve people’s physical suffering and to listen to them.

Q Who or what has inspired you to bring your faith to the marketplace?

A I began in college as a music major, and tried various other majors before feeling like I didn’t know what to do with my life. I decided to ask God in prayer and felt called to do this work. So when I graduated with my doctorate in chiropractic I asked God to help me become successful. God has blessed me abundantly and I thank him often.

Q What achievement at work are you most
proud of?

A There is no one achievement that I am most proud of. Seeing the healing results people receive is the most rewarding aspect of my work and I celebrate their wins by giving God thanks and I often thank the person for allowing me to be a part of their healing process. I am also proud of the fact that we are nearly 100 percent referral based.

Q In what specific ways have you experienced God’s presence in your workplace?

A I experience God’s presence when I ask God to show me what a person may need to get better. I experience God’s presence in the smiles I receive from those I serve. I always tell them their smiles are better than gold. I experience God’s presence when people get better, especially after suffering a condition for a long time. It is a fun and very rewarding job.

Q What advice do you have for others who want to lead with faith?

A The one piece of advice I would give to others who wish to lead with faith is learn to lean on God and include him in their everyday activity, whether it is simple or complex. I believe God enjoys being our companion on our journey to him. It is about relationship. It is about sharing and giving of ourselves for the betterment of others.

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