Leading With Faith honoree – Dr. Mary Paquette

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Mary Paquette

Dave Hrbacek/The Catholic Spirit

Dr. Mary Paquette

Physician, AALFA Family Clinic

Age 52

Parish St. Joseph, West St. Paul

Spouse Dr. Matt Paquette

Children Mary Therese (19), Katie (18), Teresa (16), Jane (15)

Volunteer activities Pro-life volunteer training for Options for Women, speaker on natural family planning for Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis marriage preparation and seminarians and deacon candidates, abstinence speaker for teens, varsity girls soccer coach at Chesterton Academy in Edina

Education Biology and English, University of St. Thomas, 1988; MD, University of Minnesota Medical School, 1993; United Family medicine residency, 1996; Pope Paul VI Institute Medical Consultant in Naprotechnology, 1996

Number of years with clinic 18

In her work at AALFA Family Clinic in White Bear Lake, Dr. Mary Paquette strives to be Christ’s hands and feet to her patients. Paquette co-founded a clinic that is committed to life and is natural-family-planning only — meaning that its physicians and practitioners do not prescribe artificial contraception, but rather support their NFP-using patients. By showing a sincere love and concern for her patients, Paquette endeavors to heal the wounds that life brings. She keeps a statue of St. Francis of Assisi kissing the wounds of Jesus in her exam room to remind her to “lead with faith” in every aspect of her life.

Q. Describe your clinic.

A. We are a pro-life Christian clinic providing care for all ages. Our group includes three family medicine physicians who also do obstetrics, one internal medicine doctor and an obstetrician-gynecologist. We also employ one nurse practitioner and two physician assistants.

Q. Describe your position and role.

A. I joined Dr. Paul Spencer in forming an NFP-only clinic where we do not prescribe contraception or refer for sterilization or abortion. I help lead the organization and care for patients.

Q. What does “leading with faith” mean to you?

A. Leading with faith primarily means living out my faith and its values in all aspects of my life. In the workplace, this has involved being committed to following Catholic teaching on life issues, which has compelled me to learn how to care for patients effectively without contraceptives. My career has been formed by my desire to provide quality and successful options for women who are struggling with using NFP, infertility or recurrent miscarriages, as well as the multitude of gynecological diseases that are frequently treated with the Pill.

Another level of living my faith is having an attitude of truly trying to be Christ’s hands and feet, ears and mouth, mind and heart to those who need him most. We minister to the “Church militant” in the many wounds that life brings.

Q. Please tell a story about a time when living out your faith at work really made a difference.

A. A young woman in a crisis pregnancy came in needing help. She was one of many at that time seeking abortion for financial reasons. I was able to connect her with the resources she needed through pregnancy centers and Cradle of Hope to be able to carry her child and still care for her other children. After the birth of her child, her mother gave me a statue of an angel holding up a baby, and this statue still sits on my desk as a reminder that we are the hands of God.

Q. Who or what has inspired you to bring your faith to the marketplace?

A. I have been most inspired by my parents. They lived a life dedicated to their 10 children and the Church. My father was known for giving money for lunch or bus fare to a person in need. He was a man of great honesty and integrity. My mother cared for others in many capacities as well. I grew up knowing that service to others is essential to a life well lived.

Q. What achievement at work are you most proud of?

A. The building of a successful practice that draws patients from all over Minnesota, as well as from other states. We have a reputation for providing quality care with compassion and respect.

Q. In what specific ways have you experienced God’s presence in your workplace?

A. I keep a picture of St. Francis kissing the wounds of Jesus in my exam room. It reminds me that we minister to the wounds of Christ in our patients. In doing this work, I experience great joy in knowing I have a sincere love and concern for my patients. Many of them minister to me and my family as well through their prayers for our needs and the success of our work.

Q. What advice do you have for others who want to lead with faith?

A. Seek out God’s plan through prayer and study, as well as the advice of others in the faith community. Trust that in following his will, God will provide for your needs. There were some lean years when we were building the practice, yet we always had more than enough. Remember God’s way is blessed with joy and hope that are lacking in so much of the world today. His way is narrow and winding but ultimately fruitful and life giving. You will never regret giving more for Jesus; he will not be outdone in generosity.


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