Good News is on the way

| April 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

On June 9, The Catholic Spirit plans to be full of “good news.”

As part of the newspaper’s 100th anniversary celebration, we will be publishing a “Good News Issue” – and you can help by being a source for our staff.

Please send us a compelling good news story or story idea from your parish, your job, your community – anything that you wish everybody knew about or you think they might want to know. It can be anything Catholics in the 12-county Archdiocese of St. Paul might find interesting – and maybe want to emulate!

Tell us about a really interesting volunteer, someone or something inspiring you’ve heard or seen. Maybe a fellow parishioner has started a successful business or expanded an existing operation to put some people to work in these trying times.

Send the story to us by mail at 244 Dayton, St. Paul, MN 55102 or send e-mails to:

Make it 150 words or less and include your name, address and telephone number, for follow-up purposes.

Deadline for submissions is May 20.

We’ll use as many of the stories/ideas as we can, and of course we’ll carry them on

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