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The Way Forward: Special four-page report


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  • thebes43

    So the Archbishop thinks that the role of the Church is “to make the name of Jesus Christ known and loved,” letter to parishes, 01/18,2012. It seems to me the Gospels summarize Jesus’ teaching in the beatitudes. Although I do think that the Archbishop really believes his own statement. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any ‘cover-up’ by the hierarchy in the Church. One has to emphasize “one, ‘holy,’ catholic…”, doesn’t one? Wouldn’t it be better to add, ‘striving to be holy,’ catholic…? Then maybe the hierarchy could become human.

    • daveh45

      Of the 12 disciples (first pope and bishops):
      one betrayed Him
      one denied Him (three times)
      nine of them abandoned Him at the time of his Passion
      only one was there – along with the holy women – at the foot of the cross
      Along the way, most of them didn’t understand what Christ was teaching at the time. They jockeyed for position to be at the side of Christ in heaven. They fell asleep on the job. At times, they needed to be reprimanded.
      From it’s very beginnings, Church leaders have been all too human. The Church is Holy, Catholic and Apostolic because Christ created it that way and the Holy Spirit guides it. These conditions are not dependent on the moral perfection of our Church leaders.