Documentary on the New Evangelization now available for purchase

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Fr. Barron

Fr. Robert Barron

“CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization,” the second installment of Word On Fire’s new documentary and multimedia formation program, is now available for purchase.

Hosted by Father Robert Barron, founder of the global media ministry Word On Fire, the documentary focuses on challenges the Church faces today, such as the emergence of “the new atheism” and relativistic attitudes toward questions of faith and morality.

“I think that the call for a new apologetics has been an important one,” Father Barron said in an interview with The Catholic Spirit.

“I’ve done kind of a steady study of the new atheism, and their disciples are thick on the ground,” he said. “If you go on the Internet, the disciples of Hitchens and Dawkins are really numerous. I think we as a faith community . . . have to know what their objections are, what’s blocking people and how to respond to them. So that’s a big part of the video.”

Father Barron’s previous documentary, “CATHOLICISM,” illustrated what the Church believes and why. “CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization” demonstrates how to put faith into action in today’s increasingly secular world. It examines the factors that have created this secularized culture, and outlines steps for Catholics who want to share the Faith with others.

“While the content of the Apostolic Faith remains the same, all Catholics are called to share it with new ardor, new expressions and new methods,” said Father Barron, who will be one of the keynote speakers at the 2013 Rediscover: Catholic Celebration Oct. 12 in St. Paul.

Presented in classic documentary style, Father Barron is joined by young, active Catholics as well as notable Catholic leaders and thinkers. Many leading commentators on faith and culture are interviewed, such as Brad Gregory, author of “The Unintended Reformation,” Ross Douthat, author of “Bad Religion,” and George Weigel, papal biographer and author of the recently released “Evangelical Catholicism.”

“CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization” is accompanied by a study program for adult faith formation, that was written by Brandon Vogt, author of “The Church and the New Media” and a well-known Catholic blogger.

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