Catholic Services Appeal 2017

| February 9, 2017 | 5 Comments

Last year, Catholic Services Appeal pledges exceeded the $9.3 million goal, and its leaders are hopeful that the 2017 appeal will have an even greater impact. This Catholic Spirit 4-page section highlights the annual appeal’s wide reach through snapshot features on the 17 ministry areas it funds. The 2017 CSA kicked off Feb. 5 with an event at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis.



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  • Paula Ruddy

    It goes without question that the work of the Archdiocese has to be funded by Church members. One question: Why aren’t the contributions made directly to the Archdiocese? Why create an independent legal entity to collect the funds? Is it to be sure that those funds are not accessible to victims of sex abuse by clergy? If so, it looks like Catholics do not want to care financially for the people victimized by some priests and the bishops who ordained them and covered for them. As long as this suspicion of the Catholic Services Appeal foundation is not put to rest, the taint of hypocrisy continues. Am I wrong?

  • Jo

    The problem I have with the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation is the mandated intrusion into the Liturgy. It is fine to request donations to fund programs. It is not fine for the brother-in-law of one of our bishops to give binding directives to priests. They are directed to give a homily for the appeal on a specific weekend and to follow a script during the Holy Liturgy to instruct people in the pews to fill out a pledge card. The bishops are acting as professional fundraisers by giving authority to the CSAF over our priests. This is wrong.

    • Dominic Deus

      Jo–My experience has been that the CSA is presented either before the Mass or int the break between the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. That’s also the time you hear about the pot luck, the upcoming funeral, the latest activity by the Knights of Columbus and so on. I can’t see a reason why you can’t ask for money. I don’t always agree with every decision of CSA but in the international NGO world CSA is highly respected.

      • Jo

        Hello Dominic,
        My experience has been that all announcements are made before or after the processional in or recessional out. But my point is that the CSAF is suppose to be an independent organization – separate from the Archdiocese and chancery. Yet, it has been given the authority to direct priests to the extent of telling them to give a homily around the appeal on a particular weekend. This is found on their website, under Resources and on the calendar for 2017. Should another organization have authority over our parish priests? I contend not. We may disagree. But it comes across as a “shakedown” of the laity and coercion when the Homily is hijacked, the parish must report back to the CSAF which of its members have given and which had not so the CSAF can make follow-up telephone calls (2x) and letters (2x). In addition, when $150,000 is given to the Offices of Evangelization & Catechism (created in 2014), under the division of the chancery and with three employees, it appears as if we are funding a budget line for chancery in an effort for them to appear as if they have may cuts to their budget when seemingly they have not. So what I am saying is that there needs to be greater effort in making this an independent corporation with a heart’s desire to give to the ministries of the Archdioceses. Otherwise, it comes across as just a second ‘assessment’ on parishes.