Archdiocesan Chancery Corporation Annual Report: 2012 – 2013

What’s new this year?

The archdiocese’s Chancery Corporation has shared summary financial information in various formats in The Catholic Spirit since 1988.

Here’s how the archdiocese’s Chancery Corporation financial information shared in this issue is different from what was shared in past years:

> For the first time, the archdiocese will share the full audited financial report for the Chancery Corporation, which can be found on, including:

  • Statements of Financial Position, Statements of Activities, and Statements of Cash Flows;
  • Full notes to financial statements — including information on litigation claims payable and detailed financials of the General Insurance Program Trust;
  • The independent auditors’ report.

> The archdiocese is also sharing in a separate statement more detailed information than what is in the full audited financial report regarding accounts that have become the subject of public interest: accounts 1-515 and 1-516. Outside independent auditors had access to line items rolling up into accounts 1-515 and 1-516, just as they had access to line item detail for all other archdiocesan accounts.


Being accountable to the people we serve

Financial officer report

Statement from the archdiocese
(Detailed accounting of accounts 1-515 and 1-516)

Condensed financial statements

Full audited financial statements (PDF)




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