Trust in God’s will opened door to priesthood

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Paveglio_webDeacon Marc Paveglio, 29

Home parish: St. Stephen, Minneapolis.

Hometown: Palmyra, Pa.

Parents: Mario and Sandra Paveglio.

Family: brother Chris, married; sister Adriana, married.

Education: Penn State University (B.S. in human development and family studies).

Teaching parish: St. Lawrence and Newman Center, Minneapolis.

Pastoral learning experiences: Our Lady of Peace, Minneapolis (teaching parish for two years); six months at North Memorial Hospital under supervision of Father Jim Livingston; and deacon summer spent at Holy Name of Jesus, Medina.

Hobbies: Cooking, racquetball, volleyball, cross country skiing, classic literature.

Favorite book: “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo.

Favorite movie: “Forrest Gump.”

Person you admire most: Bishop Andrew Cozzens. He is a person who has totally given his life to Jesus Christ and loves his priesthood. He is thoroughly in communion with God and yet so very human and kind, and very at ease with his own weaknesses.

Favorite saint: St. John the Apostle

Thanksgiving Mass: 2 p.m. Sunday, June 1, at Holy Name of Jesus, Medina.

What were you doing before you entered the seminary?

I attended Penn State University (Class of 2007), where I was involved with the Newman Catholic Student Association and Students For Life. I also spent a summer doing urban outreach in inner city Harrisburg, Pa., and spent another summer evangelizing and catechizing in North Dakota.

When was the first time you thought about the priesthood?

The summer after I graduated high school the Lord began to put the thought in my mind. I thought it strange, since I was in a healthy and long-term relationship with my girlfriend. But I kept the door open because I knew that my happiness was in God’s will alone. When I was worshiping at Mass in January 2004 the Lord spoke powerfully to me and called me to follow him as a priest.

Were there any reasons why you had not considered the priesthood earlier in your life?

Lack of awareness about different kinds of vocations and the importance of asking the Lord whether he had a special plan for my life.

Who was instrumental in identifying and developing your vocation?

Benedictine Father John Peck, my home pastor (2004 homily); Father Peter Hahn (my first real disclosure to another priest about the call I felt); and Benedictine Father Boniface Hicks (my college spiritual director).

Was there an experience that was instrumental in identifying and developing your vocation?

I had a powerful encounter with Christ during Mass on Jan. 10, 2004.

What excites you most about becoming a priest?

Being a sacrament through which the presence and power of Jesus Christ flows! Living as priest, prophet, and king for the kingdom of God. Preaching, the sacraments, teaching families how to pray.

How would you like to answer the call to evangelization in your priestly ministry?

By letting the Lord turn the parish into a school of prayer and discipleship, a hub for mission, and a place of healing.

What concrete ways have you answered the call to evangelize up to this point?

Participating in the annual street evangelization outreach at the University of Minnesota.

What encouragement and/or advice do you have for young men who may be considering the priesthood?

To hear the voice of the Lord, one needs prayer and silence. These are not easy, and sacrifice is necessary. To make room for them means some other part of your day or week has to die. But in the silence, away from the noise of the world’s concerns, the Lord speaks. And the delight and joy that comes from responding “yes” to his invitation will go beyond all your imaginings and expectations.

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