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St. Bridget Church

God is present

“There have been a record number of volunteers who have come forward to help families and individuals clean up their property, remove debris and tree branches, and generally be of help wherever it is needed,” wrote Father Anthony Criscitelli, TOR, St. Bridget pastor.

“People have also been spontaneously generous in offering monetary contributions to help families and individuals get back on their feet. My suspicion is that once people get back in their homes, more of their needs will become apparent. I have also heard from people who grew up in the neighborhood and attended St. Bridget’s and who have sent generous donations to help — often in memory of their parents or grandparents.

“No matter where you turn, there is evidence of God’s presence in the midst of all this.”


St. Mary’s Health Clinics

Honors to program

Barbara Dickie, executive director of St. Mary’s Health Clinics wrote about the success of the clinics’ Diabetes Program.

“Recently, St. Mary’s Health Clinics’ Diabetes Education Enhancement Program received recognition for its overwhelming success. The Minnesota Department of Health has recognized DEEP as a “best practice” program. St. Mary’s Health Clinics was invited to present the program at the American Diabetes Association’s 4th Annual Disparities Forum held April 2011 in Alexandria, Va. The Healthier Minnesota Community Clinic Fund is funding DEEP for calendar years 2011 and 2012.

“This cutting-edge program was initially developed in 2004 and has recently been expanded to include all eight of the St. Mary’s Health Clinics locations. The SMHC Diabetes Educators provide the following services: meet with the patients prior to their clinic appointment, follow them through their clinic visit with the physician or nurse practitioner, and follow up with the patient post-visit. DEEP is designed to review the patient’s understanding of their plan of care, identify and educate the patients on compliance issues, and schedule referrals to specialty care providers.

“St. Mary’s Health Clinics currently provide care to 246 diabetic patients who attended 1,173 clinic visits in the past year. The Diabetes Education Enhancement Program has been successful at improving compliance with treatment recommendations for people without access to health care and with income and language barriers.

“SMHC provides free, individualized, culturally appropriate care in churches and neighborhoods where their patients live.”

For more about St. Mary’s Health Clinics, visit the website at


Convent of the Visitation School

Senior winners

“In a season when many are preoccupied with graduations and weddings, teens in the archdiocese are focusing on community service,” wrote Helen Wilkie, for Convent of the Visitation in Mendota Heights.

“The final step for members of Visitation’s Class of 2011 before receiving their diplomas June 5 was to perform senior service projects.

“The young women offered up their time and talent for two weeks. Some joined the Visitation Sisters of north Minneapolis in their ministries of prayer and service in the community. They mentored at the Northside Child Development Center, planted in the Ascension Peace Garden and labored, living out the Gospel, to help clean up in the wake of devastating tornado damage. Other students spread out to programs serving senior citizens, environmental agencies and many more.

“The projects allowed Visitation’s newest graduates to experience collaboration and compassion beyond the classroom. “It’s good news that 100 percent of Visitation’s Class of 2011 will be attending four-year colleges. And it’s good news that, before they make that leap, they took the time to serve their community, witnessing the many problems a good education can help solve. These young women know how to make a difference using their heads, hands and hearts.”


Mary, Mother of the Church

Military support

Maggie Sonnek, pastoral associate for communications at Mary, Mother of the Church in Burnsville, wrote:

“Forget ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or ‘The Bachelor.’ These devoted volunteers are busy working on Monday night.

“They make up Mary, Mother of the Church’s Military Support Group, started by one woman who has lived a military life; first through her husband and now through her sons. Mothers, fathers, spouses, neighbors and friends of service men and women currently serving this country diligently pack boxes full of shampoo, soap, playing cards, chewing gum and coffee, hoping the soldiers who receive the small gift will feel loved and appreciated.

“The Military Support Group recently received a thank you note from Ssgt. Brian Bergson. He writes, ‘I want you to know that every time I open a box from Mary, Mother of the Church and see the crucifix, I get choked up. You have no idea how much it means to me to know that someone cares enough to remember me.’

“Knowing that they truly are making a difference in the lives of soldiers who are making such a difference for the rest of us keeps these devoted volunteers coming back again and again.”

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