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Books for Africa

Tragedy turns a page

The Catholic bishop’s house and diocesan library in Northern Nigeria, which was gutted by fire last year, is receiving support from Central Minnesota, the Diocese of St. Cloud, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and Books for Africa.

A shipment of 20,000 books donated by Books for Africa and several other groups should be on the way to Nigeria thanks to the help of Bassey Eyo, professor at St. Cloud State University, Father Vincent Bulus and others who coordinated book donations.

Father Robert Koopmann, president of St. John’s University in Collegeville, brought together a team of people to collect relevant books, according to Doug Stone. At St. John’s/St. Ben’s, Carol Johannes, Sister Stephanie, Sister Ann-Marie Biermaier and Brian Wood with Liturgical Press, pulled in 14 boxes of books. Mariannsa Forde, retired from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, and Mary Preus, (also retired) who spent several years in Northern Nigeria as a theology professor, gathered 7,000 books at Luther Seminary. Elizabeth Polakowski, librarian at Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library, University of St. Thomas, gathered 16 boxes of books and journals. Rose Ford, a retired librarian and volunteer at St. Cloud City Library gathered 12 boxes of relevant books.

The Diocese of St. Cloud sent money to Bishop Joseph Bagobiri to replace laptops and internet services. The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis donated money to ship the container. To support the Diocese of Kafanchan, contact Father Vincent Bulus at (701) 215-1681 or


Holy Childhood Church

One baby at a time

“A woman in our parish has been managing a small house used to help one woman at a time in a crisis pregnancy since 2003 but wished to have more space,” wrote Joyce Nevins and Bernadine Scroggins. “‘We need to save more moms and babies from abortion!’ Gradually, people helped to design and print our stationery. A lawyer submitted our tax-free status. A woman said she would knit afghans. Strangers placed money in our hands!

“As former counselors, we know 60 percent of women seeking abortion have said they ‘have no choice,’  and ‘will become homeless if they don’t abort this baby.’

“We can only imagine how much St. Philomena desires this safe place for the most afflicted because the third largest mega abortion mill is being built in the center of the Twin Cities!

“The Holy Spirit is building Philomena House with weak but willing hands. Join us in helping women in crisis make a choice they can be proud of.”

For information or to make a donation, contact Joyce Nevins at or Bernadine Scroggins at or write: Philomena House, P.O. Box 130141, Roseville, MN 55113.


St. John the Baptist School

Playing the market

Gina Buchholz was awarded the Best Prep Service Award this year for her volunteer efforts at St. John the Baptist School in Excelsior.

Committed to financial literacy education, Buchholz runs The Stock Market Game for students at the school. After working as a financial representative for 16 years, she believed that young adults were ill-prepared to make smart financial decisions, so she got involved with Best Prep, a group of 330 partner schools and 320 companies in Minnesota that help prepare students for success. Under her guidance last year, five of the seventh-grade girls were in the top three Stock Market Game teams in the state.


St. Peter Church

Gift to Hill-Murray

With a gesture of good will and a symbol of their close relationship, Father Daniel Griffith, pastor of St. Peter, donated nearly $3,000 worth of vestments to Hill-Murray School in Maplewood on behalf of his parish.

“This is a concrete living out of our communion,’’ said Father Griffith. “We look to the needs of our neighbors.’’

The gesture was St. Peter’s way of “looking out for” the Catholic middle school and high school, situated minutes away from the church. The connection between the church and school is a strong one. Many of St. Peter’s parishioners have been or are current families at Hill-Murray.

The four vestments to be used during the liturgical year were duplicates, following the merger of St. Peter and Church of the Holy Redeemer in 2008. The closing of Holy Redeemer produced many extra items, which were donated to parishes locally and in other countries.

The merger was difficult for Holy Redeemer families who lost their home parish. Father Griffith said giving away the additional items to others is a “silver lining” to the sadness caused by the closing of Holy Redeemer.

“Holy Redeemer can live on,” said Susan Paul, president of Hill-Murray, who accepted the vestments. “And the spirit of the St. Peter’s community is alive and well at Hill-Murray.”

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