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Benilde-St. Margaret’s School

Common Basket

“During the school liturgies at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, students, faculty, staff and parents are offered an opportunity to learn about and financially contribute to a special cause as part of the Common Basket program. The causes are carefully selected and presented to the school during class time during the week prior to that liturgy. Often, the cause reflects something that is taking place in the world, such as a natural disaster like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In cases like that, the students learn about the history or culture in that geographic area.

“Sometimes the need is an organization that supports the particular experience of one of the alumni, students or staff, such as a recent witness by an alumnus with brain injury. The Common Basket is a wonderful opportunity for the students to truly understand and feel solidarity with others in need or those less fortunate. The students learn about and have the opportunity to respond by contributing money during the offertory collection (Common Basket) at the school liturgies. The students are encouraged to skip the Starbucks or Chipotle they would have gotten that week, and to consider offering that as their sacrifice.

“As a parent,” said Brenda Coleman, “I have been touched by the sight of passing the Common Basket amongst the hundreds of students. I have been impressed by how seriously the students listen to the witness prior to the start of Mass. And I have been edified by the response of the teens and parents to share their financial resources with others. The Common Basket is one of the many ways that BSM has formed young people into passionate Christian Catholics, with an awareness of others and a willingness to reach out to those in need.”


Catechetical Institute

Renewing faith

The “Good News” Linda Harmon wants everyone to know about is the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute.

“I am a 49-year-old wife, mother and business owner,” she said. “Until recently, I was a cradle Catholic who had little understanding of her faith and was constantly bombarded by secular messages reinforcing an idea that Catholicism should be questioned. My whole life I have listened to messages that told me success came from making money and acquiring things, but something was missing. My satisfaction with my new understanding of my faith, after completing the Catechetical Institute program, is only surpassed by the joy I experience as I realize my Catholicism is what will truly allow me and my family to thrive in our secular world. This program has changed my life!”

The catechetical institute is administered under the direction of the St. Paul Seminary. For more information go to


St. Therese Church

Raising good fruits

Gardeners at St. Therese in Deephaven are hoping to boost their harvest from 3,400 pounds of organically-grown fruits and vegetables in 2010 to 5,000 pounds  this year to supply produce to the Intercongregation Communities Association Foodshelf.

Chief gardener Dan Saufferer is optimistic that the Catholic parish can help ICA double its level of fresh produce assistance to 7.5 tons.

Volunteers at St. Therese recently planted broccoli and cabbage and will soon add tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers and beans. Mulberries may also be available this year from several mature trees on site.

“Most of the stuff we picked in the morning last year would wind up on people’s dinner plates the same night,” Saufferer said.

St. Therese had set a one ton production goal early last summer. Favorable weather and a regular flow of help helped the team exceed its initial target, he said. This year, ICA’s decision to permit Saturday drop-off produce could help even more, by making it easier for volunteers with weekday work schedules to get involved.

ICA serves more than 700 Minnetonka families monthly.


The Leaflet Missal

Assisting souls

“The Leaflet Missal in St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood has been in the good news business for 82 years. Whether it’s helping a grandmother with a first Communion gift, shipping a package to a customer in Joplin, Mo., who was spared by the tornado, or outfitting a newly ordained priest, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to assist thousands of souls on their journey toward heaven. We are also proud to have printed the one-millionth  copy of our ‘Outlines of the Catholic Faith’ and to support the cause for canonization of Father John Hardon, who wrote ‘Catholic Family in the Modern World’ for us.

“A few things you may not know: we printed the Mass and Burial Booklet for John F. Kennedy’s funeral, Loretta Young of film fame was a regular customer, and the first lady of Leaflet Missal visited weekly with Bob Dylan’s mother while having their hair styled at a local salon!” wrote Geraldine Lopez.

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