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St. Joseph School

A gift to Japan

“The St. Joseph School’s sixth-graders participated in the Paper Cranes For Japan project ( and made over 1,000 paper cranes to help re-build Japan after the massive earthquake destruction last March,” according to Colleen Kulhanek, a school board member.

“The Paper Cranes For Japan project began with a partnership between Students Rebuild and to ensure students worldwide have a way to support their Japanese peers. The challenge was to make and mail paper cranes for Japan, and each crane would be matched with a $2 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation. The original goal of the project was 100,000 cranes, which would have meant $200,000 for Japan. By the official close of the project on April 15, over 700,000 cranes were received from all 50 United States, seven Canadian provinces and more than 30 countries, and over $500,000 was donated to Japan.

“Two St. Joseph’s students discovered the Paper Cranes For Japan project and brought the idea to their teacher, then taught their classmates how the make the cranes and with all of the sixth-graders participating, worked over the weekend to complete over 1000 paper cranes.

“’We are very proud of our students’ initiative in bringing this idea to us, and their enthusiasm and motivation to help those in need has been inspiring to the school and staff,’” said Jane Nordin, principal at St. Joseph.”


Friends of the Orphans

An inspired success

Rose Schaffhausen, co-founder and former director of the Friends of the Orphans, wrote:

“We didn’t know we could do it!” A bunch of senior citizens reminisced about the good times they had starting a mission project — with no money, no plan and no church or official back-up.

“All they had was a group of poor kids they wanted to keep alive. They thought back to the friends they put together to help and decided to reach out and get those folks back into the fold. Fortunately, they found 200 people who were lost along the way.

“In the meantime, they had gathered new friends for their mission, but the old buddies, who had journeyed together with nothing but faith, were the strong hold of their beginnings and they wanted to celebrate them.

“It worked. This year our seniors will celebrate 25 years of care to Father Wasson s Orphans, through Friends of the Orphans, now raising 3,600 children in nine developing countries.”


St. John Vianney School

Soup — a staple of life

“The third-graders at St. John Vianney School in South St. Paul carry on the ‘Good News’ mission of Jesus Christ to care for the sick by making ‘school-made’ soup four times a year and delivering it to the parish’s homebound,” wrote Nancy Schneider, third grade teacher at the school.

“The students learn how to make soup from scratch, starting with raw meat and turning it into a delicious and hearty soup. They learn how to clean and cut up vegetables, how to season the soup and, more importantly, how to care for others. The soup suppers include soup, crackers, a dessert, usually some candy and a specially made card, all delivered in a decorated box. The students love the opportunity to help others and also enjoy learning how to make soup.”

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