Human Life

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We know that human life is sacred and inviolable. Every civil right rests on the recognition of the first and fundamental right, that of life, which is not subordinate to any condition. 3

Though Minnesota has historically been a leader in enacting pro-life legislation, those efforts have stalled in recent years. Bills that would have banned most abortions after 20 weeks; ended taxpayer funding of abortion; licensed and regulated abortion clinics; and prohibited coverage of abortion in the Minnesota health insurance exchange (MNSure) have either died in our state Senate or been vetoed by the governor.

Still, perseverance and educational efforts on these critical issues must continue in order to defeat ongoing threats to life, primarily those that come under the erroneous and misleading guise of “reproductive health care” or “reproductive freedom.”

In several other states, abortion rights advocates have sought to diminish, if not totally eliminate, laws that have contributed to the protection and defense of unborn human life. Every Christian has a duty to support the unborn, the infirm, the vulnerable and the elderly. This respect for life should compel our communities to reject violence of any kind, including gun violence, which has caused overwhelming loss and agony for so many families and communities.

A society free from abortion and other forms of violence is a goal toward which elected officials can work to better protect its citizens and uphold the dignity of every person. Assisted suicide and capital punishment represent direct attacks on human life. Although both are currently prohibited by Minnesota law, candidate positions on these matters should be evaluated by the Catholic voter.

  • Where does the candidate stand on the need to enact legislative limits on abortion and the abortion industry?
  • Where does the candidate stand on efforts to defend life from conception to natural death, such as supporting laws that seek to reduce gun violence and opposing efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide?


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